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Why cant school board better manage money?
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                  Oct. 16, 2015

                  Boscobel, Wis.


I read with great interest how the Boscobel School Board is proposing to fill the $1 million dollar budget deficit they created with far-fetched November referendum money.

Why can’t the Boscobel School Board manage their money correctly?

The school board mismanages the almost $9 million dollars they receive annually from the Wisconsin taxpayers. The school board wants an additional $6.9 million dollars from the Boscobel area taxpayers to squander.

Let’s educate the Boscobel School Board. Vote NO on the referendum on November 3.

The school board needs to go back to the drawing board (How about a $500,000 referendum to fix the windows?) before the Boscobel taxpayers consider voting for anything the school board dreams up.

Troy Brechler