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Snow cant prevent Hillmen sweep
Despite waking up to two inches of snow area athletes compete Thursday afternoon
Platteville senior Hanna Langmeier turned in the third best jump of the day at 291 and teamed with sophomore Becca Hoyer to place fourth in the girls triple jump relay with a combined distance of 5610.

PLATTEVILLE — The show must go on.

Despite awaking to two inches of snow, Platteville track and field coach Rob Serres held out hope that the 52nd Platteville Relays would go on as scheduled.

“On Wednesday, we were let out of school because of the ice and snow,  I was so hoping that we would just get an inch or so,” said Serres. “Waking up on Thursday and seeing all that snow, was challenging.  I was bound and determined that we were going to have this meet. I knew the forecast was for mid to high 40s with sunny conditions. So I just knew the snow was going to melt off, but it was going to take some time.” 

At 11 a.m. there was still snow covering the grass, but the temperature rose into the 40s. Three hours later, most of the snow had melted, and the meet remained a go. 

“All of the teams, coaches and kids, were simply chomping at the bit to get a meet in,” said Serres, in reference to a string of recent poor weather that has cancelled a number of area track meets in the past two weeks. “I knew we would be okay, because by this time most of the teams would have had the meet in a snow storm, because they just wanted to compete.”

Once competition began, Serres’ Hillmen stood out once again, sweeping the team titles at the Platteville Relays for the fourth straight year.

Platteville finished in the top three in 12 of the 14 events to claim the boys’ team title with 111 points, 34.5 more than runner-up Lena–Winslow (76.5). The Platteville girls completed the team sweep by scoring 86 points, thanks to gold medal performances in the high jump, shot put and discus, to hold off challenges from girls’ runner-up Cuba City (75) and Darlington (70).

“It’s a great thrill to have both the girls and boys come out on top at our home meet,” added Serres. “We take a lot of pride in hosting this meet, and the kids were pumped up and ready for the challenge.  The coaches are very proud of these kids and the way they competed.  Lena–Winslow and Galena come up from Illinois, and they are always challenging kids along with some of the very best tracksters from southwest Wisconsin.”

Senior Skye Digman (120’2”) and Izzy Carroll (103’5”) set a Platteville Relays record to win the girls’ discus relay with a total distance of 223’7” breaking Darlington’s Rankin sisters previous mark by six inches. 

Digman (39’2.5”) and Carroll (31’.25”) also team-up to win the  girls’ shot put relay.  Makayla Rooney (5’0”) and Sara Langmeier (4’10”) brought home the gold in the girl high jump relay.  

Silver medals were earned by the Platteville sprint medley team of Lauren Becker, Katherine Kasper, Sara Langmeier and Becca Hoyer with a time of 2:03.03.  Carroll and Ashli Vesbach finished third in the in girls 2x100 shuttle hurdle relay, and the 4x800 relay team  of Harmony Bell, Renee Momot, Britani Meis and Bri Poller also won a bronze medal with a time of . 

 In a fun, non-scoring event the team of MJ Stephens, Carroll, Alayna Digman and Skye Digman crushed all competition in the throwers 4x100 relay.

Senior Brock Schambow (41’7.75”, 19’7”) teamed with Tyler Moss (40’10.75) and Donovan Blevins (19’8”) to win both the boys’ triple jump relay and the long jump relay.

Blevins and Moss raced to another win in the distance medley relay with teammates Christian Seamster and Jace Serres in a time of 3:54.20.  

Moss earned a third gold medal of the day by again teaming with Serres, as well as Osaze King and Jonny Rule in the 4x100 relay with a time of 3:42.17.  

Austin Jentz (132’5”) and Caleb Lueder (138’2”) combined throws to win the boys; discus relay.  

The meet concluded in near darkness with the Platteville/Belmont throwers 4x100 relay team of Jentz, Lueder, Carter and Jacob Wedig racing to a win with a time of 54.1 seconds.

The Potosi girls placed seventh with 29 points. The Belmont girls finished eighth with 28 points.

The Potosi 4x400 relay team of Maggie Schmitz, Lily Reynolds, Anna Kruser and Madelyn Kruser placed third with a time of 4:31.53. The same quartet also placed third in the 1,600 meter distance medley relay at 4:50.88.

Elsie deHaan and Sasha Wrege combined to place second in the girls’ discus relay (181’11”) and sixth in the girls’ shot put relay (58’6¼”). Holly Rath (4’6”) and Lizzy Haag (4’4”) teamed up to tie for third in the girls’ high jump relay (8’10”).

Taylor Foecking placed second in the girls’ tetrathlon with 1,915 points. The four-event tetrathlon is composed of the 100-meter dash, shot put, long jump and 1,500. 

The Potosi boys scored 15 points and placed 10th out of 12 teams. The Belmont boys placed 12th with three points.

Jeffrey Jacobson, Tyler Thingvold, Evan Bloyer and Nelson Bauer turned in the Potosi boys’ top performance with a fourth-place finish in the 1,600 distance medley relay (4:07.02).

Senior Isaac Wiegel turned in Belmont’s top male finish with a third-place showing in the boys’ tetrathlon with 2,350 points.


52nd Platteville Relays

(from Thursday, April 19 @ Platteville)


Teams scores 1.Platteville 111, 2.Lena–Winslow 76.5, 3.Galena 67, 4.Darlington 62.5, 5.Cuba City 60.5, 6.Benton/Scales Mound/Shullsburg 44, 7.Lancaster 43.5, 8.River Ridge 20.5, 9.River Valley 18.5, 10.Potosi 15, 11.Cassville 13, 12.Belmont 3.   

Platteville place winners

2x3200— 2.Platteville (John Cramer 11:18.87, Tikiri Bandara 11:41.77). 2x100 — 2.Platteville (Donovan Blevins, Max Allion) 23.87. 4x100 — 2.Platteville (Tyler Moss, Blevins, Mike Mussara, Allion) 46.41. 4x400 — 1.Platteville (Jonny Rule, Osaze King, Tyler Moss, Jace Serres) 3:42.17, 5.Platteville JV (Logan Henry, Liam Reinicke, Alex Sonsalla, Calvin Wernimont) 3:48.75. 4x800 — 2.Platteville (Serres, Wernimont, Sonsalla, Henry) 8:45.55, 4.Plattteville JV (John Wells, Bandara, Cal Udelhofen, Lucas Johnson) 9:20.73. 800 sprint medley relay — 4.Plateville (Mussara, Carter Chitwood, Christian Seamster, King) 1:45.52. Distance medley relay — 1.Platteville (Blevins, Brock Schambow, Moss, Serres) 3:54.20. 2x220 shuttle hurdle relay — 8.Platteville (Mic Frommelt, Aiden Sargent) 39.42. High jump relay — 2.Platteville (Quinn Kafar 5’8”, Schambow 5’6”) 11’4”. Pole vault relay — 3(tie).Platteville (Wernimont 11’0”, Patrick Haas 9’0) 20’0”. Long jump relay — 1.Platteville (Blevins 19’8”, Schambow 19’7”) 39’3”. Triple jump relay — 1.Platteville (Schambow 41’7.75”, Moss 40’10.75”) 82’6.5”, 8.Platteville (Chitwood 33’4”, Seamster 32’5.75”) 65’9.75”. Shot put relay — 2.Platteville (Ian Carter 45’8”, Austin Jentz 42’8”) 88’4”. Discus relay — 1.Platteville (Caleb Lueder 138’2”, Jentz 132’5”) 270’7”. Tetrathlon  — 5.Brandon Wu 2,100 points, 7.Caycey Gillen 1,885 points. Throwers 4x100 relay — 1.Platteville/Belmont (Jentz, Lueder, Carter, Jacob Wedig) 54.1.

Potosi place winners

2x3200— 7.Potosi (Nelson Bauer 11:22.33, Nathaniel Schmitt 13:50.4). 2x100 — 8.Potosi (Jeffery Jacobson, N. Bauer) 25.01. 800 sprint medley relay — 5.Potosi (Jacobson, Andrew Mckillip, Evan Bloyer, Tyler Thingvold) 1:46.52. Distance medley relay — 4.Potosi (Jacobson, Thingvold, Bloyer, Bauer) 4:07.2. Shot put relay — 7.Potosi (Mckillip 36’5.5”, Jacobson 36’3.5”) 72’9”.

Belmont place winners

Distance medley relay — 8.Belmont (Christian Fure, Andrew Weber, Seth Peters, Zach Mester) 4:15.98. Long jump relay — 8.Belmont (Weber 17’6.5”, Troy Johnson 14’1.5”) 31’8”. Tetrathlon  — 3.Issac Wiegel 2,350 points.


Teams scores 1.Platteville 86, 2.Cuba City 75, 3.Darlington 70, 4.Benton/Scales Mound/Shullsburg 69, 5.River Ridge 61, 6.Lancaster 46, 7.Belmont 29, 8.Potosi 28, 9.River Valley 21, 10.Cassville 15. 

Platteville place winners

2x100 relay — 4.Platteville (Katherine Kasper, Sara Langmeier) 28.17, 7.Platteville JV (Victory Obielodan, Anya Donner) 30.26. 4x100 relay — 4.Platteville (Lauren Becker, Hannah Langmeier, Rachel Burkard, Katherine Kasper) 55.71, 8.Platteville JV (Obielodan, Donner, Emma Opgenorth, Viviienne Ivanov) 59.50. 4x400 relay — 5.Platteville (S. Langmeier, Hormony Bell, Burkard, Renee Momot) 4:40.87. 4x800 relay — 3.Platteville (Bell, Momot, Brittani meis, Bri Poller) 11:05.21, 7.Platteville JV (Courtney Jentz, Abby Sasse, Sierra Wunderlin, Julia Kasper) 12:19.12. 800 sprint medley relay — 2.Platteville (K. Kasper, Becker, S. Langmeier, Becca Hoyer) 2:03.03. 1,600 distance medley relay — 4.Platteville (Hanna Langmeier, Donner, Burkard, Meise) 4:56.02. 2x200 shuttle hurdle relay — 3.Platteville (Izzy Carroll, Ashli Vesbach) 39.46, 5.Platteville JV (Talitha Goomey, Opgenorth) 40.09. High jump relay — 1.Platteville (Rooney 5’0”, Sara Langmeier 4’10”) 9’10”. Pole vault relay — 3.Platteville (Momot 7’6”, Goomey 7’0”), 5(tie).Platteville JV (Obielodan 6’6”, Becker 6’6”) 13’0, 5(tie).Platteville JV2 (Sierra Wunderlin 7’0”, Bri Poller 6’0”) 13’0”. Long jump relay — 3.Platteville (Burkhard 14’2”, Mia Bernhardt 13’10.5”) 28’0.5”. Triple jump relay — 4.Platteville (H. Langmeier 29’1”, Hoyer 27’9.5”) 56’10.5”. Shot put relay — 1.Platteville (Skye Digman 39’2.5”, 4.Izzy Carroll 31’0.25”) 70’2.75”, 2.Platteville JV  (Alaina Digman 30’4”, MJ Stephens 29’0.5”) 59’4.5”.  Discus relay — 1.Platteville (Digman 120’2”, Carroll 103’5”) 223’7”, 3.Platteville JV (Stephens 91’0”, Digman 90’5”) 181’5”. Tetrathlon  — 4(tie).Autumn Chapman 1,525. Throwers 4x100 relay — 1.Platteville (M.J. Stephens, Carroll, Alayna Digman, S. Digman).

Potosi place winners

4x400 relay — 3.Potosi (Maggie Schmitz, Lily Reynolds, Anna Kruser, Madelyn Kruser) 4:31.53. 4x800 relay — 7.Potosi (Makyle Parkins, Brittany Horner, Maggie Schmitz, Taylar Pluemer) 2:12.36. 1,600 distance medley relay — 3.Potosi (M. Kruser, Schmitz, Reynolds, Anna Kruser) 4:50.88. High jump relay — 7.Potosi (Horner 4’2”, Anna Kruser 4’0”) 8’2”. Long jump relay — 6.Potosi (M. Kruser 13’8”, Schmitz 13’7”) 27’3”. Shot put relay — 3.Potosi (Grace Morgan 32’11”, Alexandria Pennekamp 25’11”) 58’10”, 8.Potosi JV (Horner 27’7”, Caitlin Thingvold 25’4.5”) 52’11.5”. Discus relay — 6.Potosi (Morgan 88’8”, Pennekamp 57’5”) 146’1”. Tetrathlon  — 6.Lexie Whitaker 1,110.

Belmont place winners

2x100 relay — 8.Belmont (Lydia Parker, Holly Rath) 30.39. 4x100 relay — 10.Belmont (Parker, Ricca Varvil, Rath, Lori Moctezuma-Zayaz) 59.85. 4x400 relay — 6.Belmont (Moctezuma-Zayas, Lizzy Haag, Taylor Reuter, Varvil) 4:43.53. 800 sprint medley relay — 5.Belmont (Varvil, Parker, Rath, Reuter) 2:11.27. 1,600 distance medley relay — 7.Belmont (Parker, Haag, Moctezuma-Zayaz, Reuter) 5:11.64. High jump relay — 3(tie).Belmont (Rath 4’6”, Haag 4’4”) 8’10”. Shot put relay — 6.Belmont (Elsie deHaan 30’4.5”, Sasha Wrege 28’1.75”) 58’6.25”. Discus relay — 2.Belmont (deHaan 97’3”, Wrege 84’8”) 181’11”. Tetrathlon — 2.Taylor Foecking 1,915 points.


The Belmont Braves competed at Monday’s Boscobel Bulldog Relays.

The Belmont boys and girls each placed 10th at the 13-team meet.

Juniors Sasha Wrege (96’9”), Elsie deHaan (95’7”) and freshman MaKayla Krantz (66’0”) combined to win the girls’ three-person discus relay with a combined distance of 258’4”.

Jacob Wedig (139’5”), Jacob Klein (72’1”) and Seth Peters (62’11”) placed third in the boys’ discus relay with a distance of 274’5”.

Isaac Wiegel (18’3½”), Andrew Weber (16’11”) and Troy Johnson (14’6½”) combined to place third in the boys’ long jump relay (49’9”).


Boscobel Bulldog Relays

(from Monday, April 23 @ Boscobel)


Teams scores — 1.Boscobel 72.5, 2.River Ridge 68.5, 3.Wauzeka-Steuben 62, 4.Cochrane-Fountain City 53, 5.Cashton 51, 6.Fennimore 50, 7.North Crawford 50, 8.Richland Center 48, 9.Hillsboro 39, 10.Riverdale 22, 10.Belmont 22, 12.Seneca 7, 13.River Ridge JV 2.   

Belmont place winners

4x400 — 4.Belmont (Christian Fure, Zach Mester, Seth Peters, Isaac Wiegel), 4:01.88;.3200 Distance Medley — 8.Belmont (Peters, Andrew Weber, Wiegel, Mester), 10:06.76. Long jump relay — 3.Belmont (Wiegel, Weber, Troy Johnson), 49’9”. Shot put rellay — 5.Belmont (Jacob Wedig, Jacob Klein, Peters), 92’8.5”. Discus relay — 3.Belmont (Wedig, Klein, Peters) 274’5”.


Teams scores — 1.Fennimore 82, 2.Cashton 76, 3.River Ridge 68.5, 4.Boscobel 62.5, 5.Cochrane-Fountain City 52.5, 6.Richland Center 46, 7.North Crawford 41.5, 8.Hillsboro 37, 9.Wauzeka-Steuben 34, 10.Belmont 27, 11.Riverdale 25.5, 12.Fennimore JV 6.5, 13.Seneca 2.

Belmont place winners

4x100 — 4.Belmont (Ricca Varvil, Holly Rath, Elsie deHaan, Lydia Parker) 58.62. 4x400 — 4.Belmont (Taylor Foecking, Lizzy Haag, Lori Moctezuma-Zayas, Taylor Reuter) 4:42.80. 3,200 Distance Medley — 6.Belmont (Foecking, Haag, Moctezuma-Zayas, Reuter) 12:08.41. Shot put relay — 5.Belmont (deHaan, Sasha Wrege, MaKayla Krantz) 82’6”. Discus relay — 1.Belmont (Wrege, deHaan, Krantz) 258’4”.