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It's 50 for Rick and Susie Finley

“Remember the summer of ’69? Yeah, I do!” 50 summers ago, Rick and Susie (Springer) Finley said “I do” - since then they’ve walked hand-in-hand down countless streets and towns – by way of Darlington (WI), England (where Rick served in the US Air Force), Wausau (WI), Naperville (IL), and now Wake Forest (NC) where they live near their family (Cindy/Adam Finley, Cass/Sidney Lowe, Jade/Aaron King) and two grandkids (Georgia (6) and Harley (3)). The town & people of Darlington are at the heart of Rick and Susie’s love story and memories of Main Street, Darlington High School, Canoe Fest and Reds fill their early chapters. Congrats, Rick and Susie – on your journey from Redbirds to lifelong lovebirds!