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Lunch Bus on Discover Wisconsin
Lunch Bus
The Lunch Bus of Platteville can be seen on Discover Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s growing food truck scene is taking center stage on the TV show “Discover Wisconsin.”

The nation’s longest-running tourism TV show and its hosts, Mariah Haberman and Eric Paulsen, highlight seven food carts and trucks across the state of Wisconsin in “Curbside Eats.” 

The program, produced in partnership with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) and Discover Wisconsin, can be viewed on the Discover Wisconsin website,

“The mobile food industry is in its seventh year of consistent growth,” said Liz Fitzsimmons, director of local market communications for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. “And today, food trucks are a common sight in many urban areas of the state. These mobile restaurants offer some delicious cuisine featuring quality dairy products made locally right here in Wisconsin.”

“This episode combines two major passions of mine: food trucks and Wisconsin Cheese,” said Haberman. “With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your Wisconsin road trip — just be sure to include some of these mobile restaurants on your travel itinerary.”

In southwestern Wisconsin, the crew stops in at Roelli Cheese, where Platteville’s Lunch Bus food truck makes regular stops and highlights foods from the southwest corner of the state. Haberman makes quesadillas with Wisconsin cheese at Gordo’s Food Truck in Eau Claire.

Paulsen begins his food truck adventure in Milwaukee with the Gouda Girls, where their menu, highlighting grilled cheese sandwiches, incorporates more than 60 different varieties of Wisconsin cheese.

Door County’s only food truck, Nistebox, is highlighted. Haberman stops by to meet owners Charlotte Baierl and Marcus Trana, who serve “North by North Mex” cuisine, beer and cold brew coffee from the truck. Paulsen then heads to Wausau to check out Urban Street Bistro, a mobile restaurant that uses local products and adds its own twist to ordinary street food.

Paulsen makes his way to Madison to check out the popular Curd Girl food cart, where he makes and later samples fried cheese curds.  The show also visits Lola’s Lunchbox in Phillips, which takes traditional dishes and adds a flavor twist while using many locally sustainable foods.

“Curbside Eats” was written and produced by Amy Wallace.

Discover Wisconsin, the nation’s longest running tourism program, can be seen statewide on Fox Sports North Saturdays at 10 a.m.