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The TUBB Clubb tradition continues
$7,053 raised for Badger Camp
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The Uptown Businessperson’s Bureau held its annual “meeting” at The Ticket Bar & Grill in Platteville Dec. 6.

Better known as TUBB Clubb, this party is open to the public and is always on the Friday evening before the Christmas Telethon in support of Wisconsin Badger Camp. The party generated proceeds from passing a pickle jar and by raffling prizes that are donated by local business people, many of whom are members. TUBB Clubb is a party that generates goodwill and well-being for Wisconsin Badger Camp.

A cornucopia of potluck dishes filled out the buffet, and the old motto “Eat, Drink, and
Be Merry” held sway as the attendees had fun and gave freely whenever the jar was passed around. When asked from year to year if the club will make its goal, “We always make our goal because our goal is to have fun,” members said. “We get that done right away.”

TUBB Clubb members presented an oversized check on-air and once again dished up some kooky antics to entertain the viewers at the Dec. 7 telethon. The studio audience was very  receptive and chanted “TUBB Clubb, TUBB Clubb, TUBB Clubb,” when the members took their place on set and presented Badger Camp a check for $7,053, almost 10 percent of the 2013 Christmas Telethon grand total.

This year was a special year for the TUBB Clubb as checks and cash collected reached stratospheric levels, setting a new TUBB Clubb  record in money raised for Wisconsin Badger Camp.

The raffle portion of this event has grown to become TUBB Clubb’s anchor, and could not have been done without its member’s dedication and the community generosity of giving monetary and raffle donations.

“Without the TUBB Clubb members and the generosity of the Platteville community this record breaking year would not have been possible,” said Kayla Leibfried of Wisconsin Badger Camp.

TUBB Clubb always meets eight days after Thanksgiving. Next year TUBB Clubb will be Dec. 5. Friend TUBB Clubb on Facebook to keep posted on what is happening.