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Charge of disorderly conduct for Eames
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    The two counts of child abuse that Ruth E. Eames, 59, of Darlington was charged with were dismissed on prosecutor’s motion at Lafayette County Circuit Court on Dec. 5 as part of a stipulation agreed upon by district attorney, Charlotte Doherty; Eames; and Eames’ attorney, Robert Duxstad.
    Under the terms of the stipulation, the criminal charge of child abuse was to be dismissed upon Eames’ compliance with the terms and conditions of the stipulation.
    On Dec. 5, an amended charge of one count of disorderly conduct, a class B misdemeanor, was filed against Eames, to which she entered a plea of no contest. On that same day, there was a finding of deferred prosecution or sentence to the disorderly conduct charge for a period of 12 months.
    Under the terms of the stipulation Eames must not violate any local, state, or federal laws, excluding traffic laws other than those involving the operation of a motor vehicle while under intoxicating influences; she must notify the Lafayette County Circuit Court or the Lafayette County District Attorney’s office of any change in her residence or address within 10 days; she must not provide child care services to any minor children except her relatives; and Eames will be required to pay the amount of $243 by April 5, 2013.       
    A copy of the stipulation was provided to the Darlington Police Department and the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department for the purpose of monitoring Eames’ compliance with the terms and conditions of the stipulation.
    Eames was charged in October with two counts of child abuse due to an incident that occurred on Aug. 23, 2012, involving a two-year-old child under her care at the Shining Star Daycare and Learning Center that Eames owned and was operating at the time in Darlington. In September, Eames voluntarily closed the business.