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New scam alert
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On July 29, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of an obscene phone call received on a cell phone.  The suspect had a foreign accent and the only number to show up on caller ID was 178.  The unknown male caller was still on the line with the complainant when the deputy arrived on scene.  The obscene caller knew the complainant’s name, address and was threatening to show up at her home and assault her.  The caller was insistent that the complainant remain on the line with him.  Through further investigation it was determined that the suspect was keeping the complainant on the phone to attempt to install tracking software on her phone, in an effort to try and obtain log in and password information.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office reminds citizens to be careful if you receive a call from a number you are not familiar with and if only 4 digits show on caller ID do not answer it. “This is the first complaint of this type of scam, so citizens need to make sure they are properly protecting their electronic devices, utilizing anti-virus, ant-malware software, as well as using a VPN (virtual private network) to make sure they are browsing the internet securely,” stated Sheriff Nate Dreckman

If you do receive this type of call please contact your local law enforcement to report it.