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Board approves 2012-13 calendar
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The Fennimore School Board unanimously approved the 2012-13 school year calendar during a meeting Monday evening, April 30.
“We no longer negotiate the calendar,” District Administrator Jamie Nutter told those in attendance. “That is something you as a board will approve.”
An open house will be held at Fennimore Elementary School on Aug. 29 and will be followed by the first day of school on Sept. 4.
Winter break will be Dec. 24 through January 1, while spring break will be March 29 through April 5.
The last day of school will be June 6, 2013.
“I feel like the group that was in charge of presenting a calendar has done a great job,” Nutter said. “I feel really good about presenting this calendar to you for your approval.”
The 2012-13 school year calendar also includes changes to early release days related to teacher collaboration. In previous years, early releases took place exclusively on Wednesdays.
“What the committee has done is instead of all Wednesdays, they have incorporated two Tuesdays and two Thursdays,” Nutter said. “Why that is critical is, for example, we offer art one time per week at the elementary school and if your class has art on Wednesday afternoons, we dismiss every Wednesday and there are 36 weeks, you miss eight of those 36 weeks.
“That is significant. If that were to happen each year for some reason, they could miss a lot.”
In other action the board:
• approved an electrical bid for lighting projects at Fennimore Elementary School and Fennimore High School.
“We are replacing T12 lights with T8 lights, along with ceiling tiles,” Nutter said.
T12 and T8 refer to the diameters of the lights, meaning a T12 lamp has a diameter of twelve eighths of an inch, or 1-1/2 inches. Typically, a narrower lamp is more energy-efficient. Because a T8 lamp tube is eight eighths of an inch, or one inch in diameter, it is more energy-efficient than a T12.
H&N Plumbing, Heating & Electrical; Southwest Electrical and Reynolds Electric all submitted bids. H&N Plumbing, Heating & Electrical was the low bid at $3,000.
• approved the resignation of varsity boys basketball coach Scott Plondke.
“This was based on reoccurring health issues, and he doesn’t feel he can guarantee he will be able to do all the things he feels he needs to do as a coach,” Nutter said. “He wanted to resign immediately so that we could get the position posted.
“I appreciate the method he took to inform us of that and we appreciate the service he provided us.
• approved the hiring of summer helpers for the upcoming summer.
Joe Carl, Kevin Klais and Julie Briel were recommended for hire by Jay Millin.
“Kevin Klais serves as a substitute during the school year and is reliable,” Millin wrote in a memo to the board. “Joe Carl is a hard worker and has the skills, responsibility traits and physical qualities needed to be a reliable summer helper.”
Briel will complete miscellaneous painting projects.
“She is neat, fast and reliable,” Millin noted in his memo. “She is hired as needed for these projects and has been recommended for the past several summers.”
• accepted a $1,000 donation from the Fennimore Foundation to offset the cost of AEDs at Fennimore Elementary School and Fennimore High School.