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Leineweber completes his aircraft project
12-31 Leineweber
Ed Leineweber with his Aerolab LoCamp experimental aircraft.

Many in the community know that former Circuit Court Judge Ed Leineweber is an avid aviation enthusiast and, in his semi-retirement, along with his friend Dennis Hribar, has been building the first Aerolab LoCamp experimental aircraft to be assembled from a production kit. That project recently reached completion with the first flights of LoCamp N527CL. Pictured here is Leineweber and the finished airplane after their second flight. 

Leineweber sent in this information and photograph to let it be known to all those he has encountered around town who asked “When’s that airplane going to fly?” that the mission has been accomplished. “The aircraft flew beautifully,” he said, “without a single squawk.” He is looking forward to working through the extensive flight testing program he has laid out, even during our milder than usual Wisconsin winter.  

If all goes well, LoCamp N527CL will be exhibited at two large airshows in 2016, Sun ‘N’ Fun in Florida in April, and EAA’s Airventure in Oshkosh in July.  Further details can be found at Leineweber’s Aerolab USA website,