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Movie review: Justice League
Graphic by Johnathan Carl

    For those of you who don’t know, the Justice League is a group of DC superheroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more) all teamed up to defend the world from the biggest threat. There are comics, a cartoon series, and some video games that starred the Justice League. However, there wasn’t a single live action film version of the Justice League until today. The DC Extended Universe has some ups and downs. The ups are the most actors portraying their characters perfectly, the action scenes, and the recent film “Wonder Woman.” The downs are the stories being confusing and films that build up other films without telling a coherent story. However, I always give the DC movies the benefit of the doubt to see how it holds up.

    Let’s take a moment to look at the story. After Superman’s sacrifice, Bruce Wayne/Batman was motivated to find some special people to form an alliance. The special people were Wonder Woman, the Atlantean known as Aquaman, the half man/half machine Cyborg, and the Flash. When the wicked supernatural being, known as Steppenwolf, threatens to annihilate everything in his path, Batman and the team must find him and stop him at all costs.

    How was the film? I had a blast seeing this movie. My only problem with the film is the story may be rushed at times. I would have like to have seen some scenes expanded a bit more to fully understand the world around it. However, I really enjoyed this movie as a whole. There are few funny parts that made me laugh, especially scenes with the Flash. The action scenes were amazing from the beginning to the epic final battle. I was blown away when the superheroes fought off the bug-like creatures known as Para-Demons. Speaking of the superheroes, the actors did a terrific job portraying their roles. Ben Affleck was great as Bruce Wayne but he was unbelievable as Batman. In my opinion, he has the great live action portrayal of Batman since Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. Gal Gadot still nailed her performance as Wonder Woman after the Wonder Woman movie. The new characters are really enjoyable. Aquaman was the most underrated due to his ability to breathe underwater and talk to fish. However, Jason Momoa brought the character to live in an unexpected way. He was funny, incredible, and super tough. The Flash was the man comedic relief in the film and Erza Miller did a great job portraying him. Ray Fisher was really impressive as Cyborg, because he was mysterious and amazing due to his technology. The rest of the characters did a pretty good job such as Jeremy Irons as Alfred (Bruce’s butler), and JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon. The villain, named Steppenwolf, was an okay villain because of this design and his plan to conquer the world. Even though the villain was decent, the heroes were the highlight of the film.

    In conclusion, I believe that Justice League is the second best film of the DC Extended Universe. It was on par with Wonder Woman and it was a lot better than Batman vs Superman. I’m glad that I saw this film and I recommend this to everyone who is a fan of superheroes from the DC Comics. It may not be as grand as many superhero films, but it was very satisfying. Overall, I’m giving Justice League an A-!

    My name is Johnathan Carl and have a great day!