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Fun had by all at Canoe Festival
THE CANOE Festival canoe racers Denver Banfield and Taylor Jacobson were all smiles on Sunday, June 10, as the weather was perfect for four days of outdoor festivities.

Pleasant weather June 7-10 played a big part in the large crowds that turned out for each of the events during the 46th annual Canoe Festival in Darlington. With events like mud volleyball, carnival rides, canoe racing, mini tractor pulls, Home Talent Show, Road Run, duck races and a huge parade, there was fun for all ages.

The weather for the 2012 Canoe Festival in Darlington on June 7-10 helped encourage more participation in the annual event.
“I feel that overall everything went really well,” Cindy Corley, chairperson of the Canoe Fest Committee, said. “It was a good festival.”
Corley said parade entries were up from 2011, as well as attendance at the parade. She contributed those increased numbers to the pleasant weather.
“I heard no complaints, so I think everybody had a great time,” Corley said on Monday.
The results of the 2012 Darlington Canoe Festival include:

Road Run, Friday, June 8:
Two-mile run
Male 13 and under: first place Tylan Parman, 11:46; second place Josh Redfearn, 14:41; and third place Jordan Brunette, 15:22
Female 13 and under: first place Paige Schilling, 14:25; second place Sadie Fitzsimons, 14:26; and third place Elise Ames, 14:33
Male 14-18: first place Isaac Schuetz, 10:58; second place Mark Schmitz, 11:45; and third place Noah Schuetz, 12:20
Female 14-18: first place Hannah Owens, 11:47; second place Darby Fitzsimons, 14:10; and third place Debby Heth, 14:28
Male 19-29: first place Nathan Schuetz, 12:42; second place John Schuetz, 13:25; and third place Jeff Wiegel, 14:01
Female 19-29: first place Amanda Richardson, 16:01; second place Kaly Bartels, 16:17; and third place Lindsey Montgomery, 18:12
Male 30-39: first place Patrick Cleary, 11:54; second place Kevin Hanson, 14:37; and third place Chad Chapman, 15:07
Female 30-39: first place Erin Donovan, 12:51; second place Michelle Roelli, 15:11; and third place Amanda Ingwell, 18:53
Male 40-49: first place James Schuetz, 11:35; second place BJ Wiegel, 15:13; and third place Curt Novinski, 15:34
Female 40-49: first place Ann Miehe, 15:12; second place Julie Owens, 15:28; and third place Diane Kautz, 17:07
Male 50-59: first place Arnie Miehe, 13:08; and second place Bruce Owens, 15:26
Female 50-59: first place Donna Seman, 16:21; second place Julianne Wiegel, 18:45; and third place Diane Simmer, 19:02
Male 60 and over: first place Lee Smith, 15:45; second place Burdette Richter, 15:53; and third place Bill North, 25:09
Female 60 and over: first place Pam Swigart, 19:12; and second place Margie North, 25:09
Five-mile run
Male 18 and under: first place Tyson Miehe, 27:56; second place Brady McDaniel, 29:24; and third place Quinn Cullen, 30:23
Female 18 and under: first place Rose Bendorf, 39:11; and second place Morgan McComish, 47:39
Male 19-29: first place Bruce Schmitz, 29:08; second place Adam Gibbs, 29:09; and third place Doug Weaver, 33:56
Female 19-29: first place Pam Ritchie, 42:55; second place Ashley Mosley, 44:32; and third place Kayla McGowan, 46:01
Male 30-39: first place Brad Schultz, 32:52; second place Adam Mathews, 39:04; and third place Doug Weaver, 40:55
Female 30-39: first place Amber Wilson, 47:05; second place, Christie Ramos and Stephanie Kraus (tie), 47:53; and third place Becky Wiegel, 48:59
Male 40-49: first place Chris Redfearn, 34:41; second place Joe Bendorf, 36:17; and third place Ron Cullen, 39:16
Female 40-49: first place Amy Prine, 43:59; second place Heather Penniston, 47:01; and third place Stacey Smith, 47:16
Male 50 and over: first place Tom Wolf, 36:33; second place Patrick Hardyman, 36:51; and third place Stephen Van de Wiel, 37:35
Female 50 and over: first place Michele Gruenberg, 55:08; and second place Jean Kruser, 59:13
One-mile run
Boys: Chandler Kelly, 5:50; Caleb Weaver, 5:51; Weston Parmon, 5:52; Jackson Hull, 6:04; BJ Penniston, 6:05; Jackson Jerry, 6:23; Aidon Hull, 6:25; Ryley Lancaster, 6:30; Preston Schmidt, 7:02; Jarren Swigart, 7:08; Triten Lancaster, 7:34; Ryan Roelli, 8:21; Bryce Roelli, 9:01; Bryce Gempler, 11:57
Girls: Blair Watters, 5:53; Kaci Martensen, 6:01; Alysson Meyers, 6:28; Monica Schmidt, 7:07; Alyssa Roelli, 7:10; Laura Weaver, 7:42; Natty Soper, 7:54; Madison Russell, 8:11; Emma Bast, 8:51; Michelle Meylor, 8:52; Erica Meylor, 8:54; Calista Jerry, 9:16; Reva Spillane, 9:17; Gianna Wilson, 9:30; Eliza Ingwell, 9:40; Ava Ingwell, 9:42; Bryn Ingwell, 10:25; Reagan Russell, 11:47; Madyson Schmidt, 12:37
Two-mile walk:
First place Donna Haesler, 15 minutes; second place John Wamsley, 18 minutes; and third place Teresa Wamsley, 18 minutes

Duck races, Saturday, June 9
First place, Mark McGowan, $750; second place, Shelly Brigham, $200; third place Brent Erickson, $100; fourth place, See-Mor Grain, $50; fifth place, Myles Mathys, $20; sixth place, Dave Breunig, $20; seventh place, Cindy Corley, $20; eighth place, Taya McGuire, $20; ninth place, Trista Leahy, $20; and 10th place, See-Mor Grain, $20
Canoe races, Sunday, June 10
Any canoe-men’s single: first place Calvin Hassel, 1:06:59; second place, Ted Cramer, 1:16:05; and third place Brandan Burger, 1:16:51
Cruising boys-grade school: first place, Milo Wong and Fulton Flanary, 2:03:41
Cruising boys-high school: first place, Isaac and Nathan Schuetz, 1:33:27; second place, Kyle Tillotson, Josh Smith and Lucas Haag, 3:07:03; and third place Hunter Hauser and Brady Connors, 4:17:52
Cruising man and woman: first place, Jay Lancaster and Rita Eitsert, 1:30:33; second place, Jeff Lancaster and Peg Booms, 1:35:43; and third place Ryan and Delana Chumbler, 1:44:01
Cruising men: first place, Dave O’Malley and Tom Gasner, 1:22:16; second place Rick Hill and Eric Winch, 1:23:18; and third place Glenn Wobick and Joseph Bednarowski, 1:39:08
Cruising parent and daughter: first place, Ally and Kai Hansen, 1:34:03; second place Zula and Peter Flanary, 1:48:06; and third place Tom and Madison Faull, 2:06:59
Cruising parent and son: first place Arnie and Tyson Miehe, 1:27:05; second place, James and Noah Schuetz, 1:35:24; and third place, Scott, Kurtis and Maggie Schulte, 1:45:24
Cruising women: first place Ann Gasser and Joni Dean, 1:34:24; second place Kari Knowles and Bonnie Buchanan, 1:42:03; and third place Teisha Grundahl and Katie Loken, 1:57:17
Girls 17 and under: first place, Shannon McDaniel and Meghan Vieth, 2:12:18; second place, Anna Fitzsimons and Mallory Busch, 3:08:42; and third place Abigail Merriam and Caitie Chiaverotti, 3:13:32
Kayak: first place Phillip Taylor, 1:11:49; second place Jim Delehany, 1:25:14; and third place Karen Sivley, 1:55:43
Racing man and woman: first place Calvin Hassel and Jaya Elleson, 1:08:40; second place Tommy Cramer and Jan Perrin, 1:14:15; and third place, Jan Perrin and Jules Hammer, 1:17:44
Racing open: first place Ted and Tommy Cramer, 1:12:06; second place Bill Rattunde and Bill Coldy, 1:12:56; and third place Jay Lancaster and Jim Braig, 1:13:38

Raffle ticket winners,
Sunday, June 10
$1000 Cash Grand Prize- Deb Averkamp, Benton
Darlington Super 8 One night stay in Bridal Suite and $25.00 Gift Certificate to Bridges Restaurant- Tara Lindsay
Darlington Chamber/Main Street Chamber Bucks: $25 Cathy McConnell, Darlington; $25 Bart Meylor, Darlington; $25 Kristin Brown, Middleton; $25 Steve Humphrey, Shullsburg
D99.3 Summer Fun Packages:
Tomah Tractor Pull VIP Package-Lori Garvey, Darlington
Tomah Tractor Pull four Friday session passes-Mindy Crist, Darlington
Tomah Tractor Pull passes for Thursday session; Barb Dinges, Darlington; Liz Barth, Darlington; Judy Whalen, Darlington; John Reilly, Darlington; Home Again Bar & Grill, Mt Hope
Star Spangled Celebration pair of 3-day passes-Shanna Grossen, Darlington
Noah Ark Passes-Mike Hocking, Cuba City, and Jim Kolbe, Hazel Green
Country USA Pair of 5-day passes-Brett Nolte, Darlington
Wisconsin Distributors Summer Fun Winners: cooler-Lori Garvey, Darlington; Men’s hat-Leon Wolfe, Darlington; dart board-Jessica Corley, Darlington; grill-Julie Larson, Dundee, Ill.; women’s t-shirt-Karen Bennett; raft-Denny McLinn, Shullsburg; chairs-Laura Bremmer, Dakota Ill.
Tub of Badgerland Financial’s Barnyard Blast Ice Cream-Lori Neumann, Darlington

Talent show, Saturday, June 9
Youth division: first place, Sadie Fitzsimons, vocal solo; second place, Colin Austin and Mason Dailey, Boys of Bravetown; and third place, Ellie Hemming, vocal solo
Junior division: first place, Meghan Vieth, vocal solo; second place, Sam Cohen, vocal solo; third place, Zach Jacobson, Cole Lehnherr and Cedar Kellum, Escape from ELBA-Band; and tied for fourth and fifth place are Katie Calvert, vocal solo, and Jena Foulker, vocal solo
Senior division: first place, Scott Rodriquez, vocal solo; second place, R.J. Fischer, vocal solo; and third place, Naomi Black, vocal solo

Fastest: Noah King riding an inflatable Shark raft
Most Original Design: Michael Sinclair riding in a tote lashed to two coolers with postage tape
Fanciest Design: Tanisha Brandt and Allison Granberg riding a South Pacific themed wooden raft buoyed by Milk jugs, dressed in grass Hula Skirts, accessorized with coconut shell tops.