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Introducing the 2017 Canoe Festival Representatives
Canoe Fest representatives from left to right: Ryley Lancaster, Alyssa Tuescher, Francesca Morrone and Lacie Smith.

Darlington’s 51st Annual Canoe Festival is set to happen June 9-11. This year the title has changed from Canoe Festival Princess to Canoe Festival Representative to include all members of the high school student body.
This year’s candidates for the title of Canoe Festival Representative include the following Darlington High School students: freshman, Ryley Lancaster and Alyssa Tuescher; sophomore, Francesca Morrone; and senior, Lacie Smith.
These students have been selling raffle tickets, which is how they will earn votes to become Darlington’s next Canoe Festival Representative. The announcement of who will win the title will take place on Friday, June 9 at 6 p.m. in the big top tent at the Darlington Festival Grounds.
Ryley Lancaster
Ryley is the son of Jason and April Lancaster and brother to Jarrett and Levi. He is a freshman at Darlington High School and is involved in LEAD, band and choir, forensics, the musicals and plays, cheerleader for football and basketball, track and field and he is on FFA officer team.
He would like to attend UW-Platteville in the future and major in Physical Education.
His role model is his older brother, Jarrett. “When I see him do the stuff that he does, it gives me the confidence to do what I like to do.”
One of his favorite memories from past Canoe Festivals is being a part of the parades.
Ryley’s hobbies include singing, dancing, driving around, being outside with a campfire, hanging with friends, participating in many sports and being involved in the community.
Ryley feels that people should come to Canoe Fest because it is a good time for everybody to get together and they can relax and have fun and don’t have to worry about anything. It is important to the community because it is something that Darlington has always had and it is a great tradition.
Alyssa Tuescher
Alyssa is the daughter of Bruce and Francie Tuescher and sister to Heather. She is also a freshman at Darlington High School where she is involved in LEAD core, Student Council, Spanish Club, choir, volleyball, basketball, softball, forensics and the musicals and plays.
She plans on hopefully going to UW-Madison after high school and majoring in dentistry.
Her aunt Heidi is her role model. “She is always positive and she stays true to herself.”
A favorite memory that Alyssa has from the past Canoe Festivals is the wonderful and brilliant fireworks.
Her hobbies include playing many sports, hanging out with her friends and being active in the community.
Alyssa feels that people should come to Canoe Fest because it brings the whole community together.
Francesca Morrone
Francesca is a sophomore at Darlington High School. She is the daughter to Michael and Marjorie Morrone and sister to Dakota, Michael, Charlie and Anthony. Francesca is involved in choir, LEAD and Spanish Club.
In the future she would like to attend a four-year college, like UW-LaCrosse or UW-Stevens Point, and be a nutritionist.
Her mother is one of her role models. “I have always looked up to her.”
One of her favorite memories from the past Canoe Festivals is watching the parade and everything that it has.
Some of her hobbies are hanging out with friends and going shopping and watching Netflix.
According to Francesca, people should come to Canoe Festival because it is a great big celebration where the community is what is being celebrated.
Lacie Smith
Lacie is a senior at Darlington High School. She is the daughter of Deb Smith and a sister to Hannah. She is involved in cross-country, basketball, softball, choir, band, LEAD, forensics, FFA and the musicals and plays.
She will be attending Southwest Technical College in the fall and majoring in Human Services.
Her role model is her mother. “She taught me how to do everything in life and she is a good person to be around.”
One of her favorite memories from Canoe Fest is the chicken barbeque that is put on by the Boy Scouts.
Some of her hobbies include hanging out with her friends, spending time with her friends and helping people in the community.
Lacie believes people should come to Canoe Fest because it is a time for everyone to come together and have fun as a community.