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Lyme Disease support group meets Dec. 26
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The Lyme disease support group meeting for December  will be held from 6:30-8 p.m. Dec. 26  in the Hillsboro Public Library meeting room, 819 High Ave.

Residents of Juneau, Monroe, Richland, Sauk and Vernon counties afflicted with a tick borne illness such as Lyme disease, or those seeking to increase understanding of tick borne illness, its prevention, and its treatment, are welcome to attend.

We’ve been privileged by the Lord God with two years now as an active support group. Tammy Gates, our co-founder, had a very modest goal in mind as our group began to meet: “If we can encourage at least one other person who is suffering from Lyme Disease, then how richly God has blessed our efforts.”

Yes, God has chosen to use our small gathering to encourage others, to exchange ideas, and and even to communicate and educate - all on an informal person to person basis. Well over 100 different people have attended our monthly meetings. Even more people than that from the area, from around the nation and world have communicated with us via email, telephone, or surface mail, with information, with questions and with advice. Thanks be to God for His goodness in these little ways and in the big ways and in every way between.

Consistency; always meeting whether convenient or not: that is the little thing we can offer. None of us are experts. We simply meet every month, even if no one else comes, (as happened a few times.) That’s okay. If nothing else, by working to be dependable, we can be available when that one person in need comes; to talk about his or her fears, pains, uncertainties, and even victories with Tick Borne Disease, like Lyme.

Come Dec. 26 if you feel like it; or come on some other month that is better for you. We meet for your sake, when you are ready. That is the goodness of God, at work, through people like us.

For more information, email, call 608-489-2725 (ask for Gary), or write: Gary Cepek, S1468 Cepek Rd., Elroy, Wis. 53929.