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Extra full-time employee for Lafayette County Sheriffs
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At the Lafayette County Law Enforcement Committee meeting held Tuesday, June 21 Gerald Heimann called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
    Sheriff Reg Gill had said at a previous meeting that he would like to see the SLANT (State Line Anti-Narcotics Team) position become a full-time position and at the county board meeting he got his wish as the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors passed Resolution 28-16 which approved the position as a permanent, full-time union position as a Narcotics Investigator in the Detective Division with appropriate compensation.
    Now Gill can get busy and fill the open full-time patrol position. There are several officers working part-time to covers hours in the department. Lots of incoming and outgoing transition with-in the department. There should be some quality candidates to fill the full-time position in-house.
    Lafayette County Sheriff’s Dept. entered into an agreement with the Village of Benton for a patrol officer that will work 40 hours per week in the village. This will be a union position and currently will be paid $20.83 per hour. This was approved by the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors.
    The department is having trouble filling the Fair schedule, because we are so short handed. Gill said, “We may have to cut out a traffic control spots at one gate.” He continued, “Theresa, Troy and myself will be pulling extra shifts. Saturday night is always the biggest night, with the crowds that we have and the amount of alcohol, it’s best to have experienced officers.”
    The inmate commissary will be switching from Trinity of Oldsmar, Fla. to Stellar Services, LLC of Stoughton. The new company will have a kiosk in the sheriff dept.’s lobby and friends and family of inmates may put money in the kiosk for a particular inmate. The committee had no objection with the change.
    The tower update is no update, since the county is still waiting for the new generator to be installed. The old tower may have a buyer as a tower. ComElec said they will help the county take down the old tower. At the very least it can be sold as scrap metal.