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Iowa County Board transfers funds to cover overages
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DODGEVILLE — The Iowa County Board voted May 21 to transfer funds to cover budget shortfalls in several county departments.

The board voted to designate $250,000 in leftover 2012 funds for winter maintenance emergency funds. The county has already spent 86 percent of its 2013 maintenance budget.

Sup. Ryan Walmer of Dodgeville said he wasn’t sure that part of the highway department’s shortfall wasn’t related to management issues.

“I know I received calls when the highway department had downtime and they were hauling away snow as it was melting,” he said. “I think there are things that could have been done so we wouldn’t have to transfer money.”

To that, Sup. Greg Parman of Hollandale replied, “Before you ever make a comment like that here you should have talked to the highway commissioner. All you are talking about is hearsay and you don’t know the whole truth.”

The board also voted to transfer $152,861 to departments that went over budget — the Clerk of Courts office due to the court system’s caseload, the coroner’s office because of more autopsies than budgeted for, the Finance Department because a new employee is receiving health insurance, and the Sheriff’s Department because of overtime from deputy vacancies and labor attorney costs due to employee issues.