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Parkview Subdivision in Shullsburg - finalized
CITY OF SHULLSBURG council were making big decisions at their Wednesday, April 4 meeting. Seen here Bart Neis and Mark Doyle of Delta 3 showing the council the final plans for the Parkview Subdivision.

SHULLSBURG —In a meeting where 10 of the 13 action items on the City of Shullsburg agenda were related to and would finalize the Parkview Subdivision development, it seemed that Alder Emmett Reilly had given up the fight to stop the development. The Shullsburg City Council met Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.
Parkview Subdivision
    •Approved a resolution 3-1 with Reilly voting no, to vacate a portion of an unbuilt right-of-way known as Carnak Clum.
    •Approved 3-1 with Reilly voting no, to convey (transfer ownership) the discontinued portion of Carnak Clum to John & Susan McCoy.
    •Approved the final plat of the Parkview Subdivision, 3-1 with Reilly voting no.
    •Discussed the terms and conditions of the protective covenants for the Parkview Subdivision – Nathan Russell stated Section 7 was added. Russell said, “Section 7 was added to the protective covenants at Attorney Johnson’s request. It replaces the deed restrictions that were formerly in place.
    The additional section seven is as follows:
    7.01. Sale of Lots. The Lots located in the Parkview Subdivision shall be sold to willing buyers at a price of $1.00.
    7.02. Reversion of Land. If the City of Shullsburg fails to enforce the Covenants while it is the Governing Entity or attempts to sell the Lots for a sum greater than $1, any citizen of the City of Shullsburg may be allowed to petition the court to transfer ownership of all unsold Lots to the John R. McCoy and Susan B. McCoy Family Foundation, which is a non-profit entity.
    7.03.  Outlot Ownership and Maintenance.  The City of Shullsburg shall own Outlots 1, 2, 3, & 4 of the Parkview subdivision and shall be responsible for maintaining those Outlots. At no time, shall the ownership of Outlots 1, 2, 3, & 4 be transferred to the Parkview Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
    7.04.  Return of Land to Donors. If within one year of the transfer of the Lots to the City, the infrastructure for the Lots of the Parkview Subdivision is not substantially completed, John R. McCoy, Susan B. McCoy or any citizen of the City of Shullsburg may petition the Court to have the land revert back to John R. McCoy and Susan B. McCoy.
    A motion by Alder Jim Paquette and seconded by Alder Duane Wedige to approve the protective covenants for Parkview Subdivision and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions affecting the city. Approved 3-1 with Reilly voting no.
    •Approved 3 -1, with Reilly voting no, to accept the warranty deed from John & Susan McCoy for lots 1 – 25 and Outlots 1 – 4 of the Parkview Subdivisions. Conditionally based on Attorney Johnson’s approval of the legal description (which was approved earlier at this meeting).
    •Action on plan of specification for the Parkview Subdivision. Mark Doyle of Delta 3 unveiled the final maps that detail the plans of the subdivision. Paquette thought the council only needed to review the overview. Alder Cory Ritterbusch asked to see the retention design. Doyle and Bart Nies, Vice-President of Delta 3 Engineering described some of the infrastructure features. All streets will be 36 feet back-to-back, this will allow a car parked on each side and still have two-way traffic. A plan will be sent to the Shullsburg Fire dept. for review of the streets and hydrants. No sidewalks will be put in the development.
    The project will take 16 weeks for construction. Nies told the council that many construction firms are full for this season and then asked the council if they wanted to put a deadline for completion of Nov. 1, 2018 or do you want to set the completion date at June 15, 2019. Discussion and explanations went around and around. Nies said, “If you pick Nov. 1 you will minimize the number of contractors. You could make it Nov. 1 and if you didn’t get good enough bids, you could rebid it. But you’d be losing a month.” The council decided to go with June 1, 2019 to make it more enticing for contractors.
    The cost estimates for the Parkview Subdivision are as follows: Sanitary Sewer – 8” sanitary sewer 2,726 l.f.; 4’dia. manhole 14 each; sewer lateral 32 each - $327,320. Water Main – 10” water main 1,550 l.f.; 8”water main 324 l.f.; 6” hydrant 5 each; water service 32 each - $278,900. Storm Sewer – 15” storm sewer 727 l.f.; 18” storm sewer 324 l.f.; 2’x3’ catch basin 12 each; diversion berm 800 l.f.; pond outlot #1; pond outlot #2; pond outlot #3 - $151,450. Street Construction – excavation 5,700 c.y.; crushed aggregate base course 3,875 ton; breaker run 3,125 ton; hot mix asphalt pavement 1,400 ton; 24” concrete curb and gutter 3,876 l.f. - $408,750. Electrical & Gas Utilities - $156,000. For a total of $1,322,420. These are opinions of probable costs.
    A motion was made by Paquette and seconded by Wedige to approve plans, specs and estimates (provided by Delta 3) for the Parkview Subdivision. Approved 3-1 with Reilly voting no.
    •Motion to authorize to expend funds for the installation of infrastructure for Parkview Subdivision. Approved 3-1 with Reilly voting no.
    •Motion to set the bid opening date for April 26 at 1:00 p.m. was approved 3-1 with Reilly voting no.
    •Motion was made to authorize city employees to install electrical services for Parkview development. Approved 3-1 with Reilly voting no.
WWTP Chemical Building
    Nies explained they had received four bids from local contractors for an upgrade building at the sewer plant. The building will house chemicals that will treat phosphorous. Midwest Builders of Fennimore was the lowest bid at $342,000. Other bids include: Rock Church Construction, Inc. of Livingston at $345,006; MZ Construction, Inc. of Livingston at $457,020 and CCJ Construction, LLC of Muscoda at $353,502.
    Nies said, “My estimates were 2% less than that, they are good numbers as you can see three companies were all within $10,000 of each other. The bottom line is there is a lot of work out there this year and contractor’s bids are about 15 – 20% higher than they were last year. They’re all reputable companies, I would recommend going with the low bid.”
    Wedige pointed out that Midwest Builders built the Shullsburg City garage. There are no grant funds available for this project. Nies thought the contractor will be starting in June and should be completed no later than Nov. 1. A motion was made and approved to award the bid to Midwest Builders of Fennimore.
Water Street Project
     Water Street reconstruction project is to reconstruct water main, storm sewer and street on Water Street from east side of Galena Street to east side of Iowa Street. The estimated cost of the project is $138,150. The project will begin July 9 and be completed by Oct. 1. A motion was made to approve the specification and authorize Delta 3 to advertise for bids. Approved unanimously. The bid opening will be April 26 at 2:00 p.m.
Under public comment
    •Wondering when the sound system will be installed because you can’t hear anything in the back of the room. Answer – by the next meeting.
    •Wayne Gehrt asked, “When is the completion date for the development – Nov. 1 or June 1?” Answer –June 1, 2019. Gehrt continued, “So no one can build a house in Parkview until over a year from now? It seems like it would have been better to have two bids with the same specs one to be completed Nov. 1, 2018 and another with the completion date of June 1, 2019.” Paquette thought houses could be built just as soon as electric and water were installed. Doyle will check on the question.
    Committee meetings: Reilly pointed out improvements in the Townsend Center meeting room. Work done by Dave Turpin.
    In other business:
    •Approved the bills for general, water, sewer, electric, pool, museum, library and TIFF funds in the amount of $156,879.
    •No action regarding financing for wastewater treatment plant phosphorous building project. Clerk-Treasurer Marsha Einswieler stated the bank did not get back to her. Tabled.
    •Approved a uniform allowance of $300 annually for all Teamsters union employees.