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Platteville gets estate gift for parks and recreation programming
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The City of Platteville is receiving $323,044.80 from the estate of Platteville resident Cyril V. Clayton in an irrevocable trust to benefit parks and recreation programming. 

This donation is in addition to the $279,905.76 recently received from Cyril’s brother as part of the Orlo J. Clayton estate.

“This will truly be a gift that keeps on giving,” said Luke Peters, the city’s Recreation Coordinator. “It is right in line with the goals of our recently established Platteville Parks Endowment Fund.” 

This donation will not be a part of the city’s parks endowment fund. The initial principal will be invested, similar to the endowment fund, and each year income from that investment shall be made available to the city. 

The Claytons were farmers. Orlo also was a Platteville Public Schools custodian, and Cyril worked for the City of Platteville Street Department. Orlo died in 2012, and Cyril died Feb. 17.