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Trump Wins!
State plays big role
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It was a long election night. The Republican candidate for U.S. President, Donald Trump, was projected by the Associated Press to be the winner of the election in the State of Wisconsin at about 1:35 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 9. 

If the projected Wisconsin victory holds up, it would supply Trump with the state’s 10 electoral votes. Those votes, combined with other electoral votes from previous projected state victories earlier in the evening, pushed Donald Trump to a total of 276 total electoral votes. That pushed him past the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election.

It was a surprise Trump victory given recent polling that had showed him trailing the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Locally, Trump beat Clinton by more than 400 votes in Crawford County. The unofficial total for the county was Trump 3,844 and Clinton 3,426.

It was not the only Republican victory in the election in Crawford County. Republican challenger Dan Kapanke upset Democratic incumbent Wisconsin State Senator Jennifer Shilling in Crawford County by more than 600 votes. The final unofficial vote total was Kapanke 4,080 to Shilling’s 3,433 in Crawford County. Kapanke also unofficially won in Vernon County and portions of Monroe County in the 32nd District of the Wisconsin State Senate.

However, results from the 32nd District were only 88 percent complete at 2 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 9. With almost 88 percent of the vote reported, Republican Dan Kapanke unofficially had 37,486 votes (49.9 percent), Democrat Jennifer Shilling unofficially had 35,916 votes (47.8 percent) and third party candidate Chip DeNure unofficially received 1,744 votes (2.3 percent).

In Wisconsin State Assembly District 96 Election, Republican incumbent Lee Nerison was declared the unofficial over Democratic challenger Alicia Leinberger. Nerison unofficially received 16,001 (61.1 percent), while Leinberger unofficially got 10,184 votes (38.9 percent).

In other races, Democratic challenger Russ Feingold unofficially received 3,708 votes in Crawford County defeating Republican incumbent Ron Johnson, who unofficially received 3,671 in the county. However, Johnson was the projected winner of the U.S. Senate Race statewide and Feingold conceded to Johnson earlier in the evening.

U.S. Representative Ron Kind Third Congressional District, running unopposed, unofficially received 5,635 votes in Crawford County.