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Village and library boards work cooperatively on expansion project details
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The Muscoda village board and the Muscoda Public Library board met in a joint three-hour session Tuesday evening, November 17. The purpose was to make decisions regarding a long list of items that needed to be decided for plans to be completed and specifications sent to prospective bidders. Joe Bailie, lead draftsman for Delta 3 Engineering, presented the boards with a list of about 60 items to consider.

Decisions ranged across the spectrum, including the outside appearance of the structure, landscaping, type and color of window frames and doors, floor tile and carpet locations, heating, lighting, etc., including the location for mounting the old school “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve” concrete sign that was removed from the front of the old structure. It will be mounted on a concrete wall outside of the new building.

Regarding the roof there was discussion about metal or asphalt shingles. Bailie favored a standing seam metal roof for longevity and durability during its lifetime. His recommendation was accepted with a dark brown color and matching tones throughout the structure exterior.

Types of landscaping for the site generated discussion. Questions were raised about flowers and vegetation versus the use of rock with a scattering of flowerpots and planters. The amount of landscaping, whether or not it should extend around the entire perimeter or be limited, was also discussed. Mention was made about the labor needed for plant care and the amount of park work the village employees are already doing. There is the possibility the landscaping class from the high school might be involved. A flagpole was added to the plan.

Considerable discussion was held about which interior areas will have tile floors, which will be carpeted and which will have a combination of the floorings. The basement floor will be concrete. Among the areas recommended for carpet are the computer server room, student study, conference and history rooms, and portions of other locations. Tile will be used in the restrooms and lobby. The type of flooring at the front entrance rated considerable discussion because of the foot traffic from the outside, which will carry snow, salt, sand, etc. The location for the coffee facility once again was a matter of considerable debate including its location, floor covering and child safety issues.

Wall color decisions were postponed until a later date. It was noted the ceiling would be acoustical tile and lighting LED. The two boards had no interest in skylights. The possibility of a gas fireplace was examined. Cost and safety issues were part of the discussion with a considerable range of price depending on its setting. Bailie indicated it could be added to the plan as an alternative. Also discussed was forced air or in-floor heat. Forced air with zoning for specific areas was selected. At Bailie’s recommendation, traditional light switches were chosen over movement light control sensors.

Eight computer stations, with all the necessary wiring, are in the plan. There was discussion regarding the shape of the stations and privacy issues. Also discussed was a security system for the building. Bailie said he would confer with a professional in that area and provide information to the boards about the wide range of possibilities if desired.

It was decided that a “time capsule” would be included somewhere in the construction. Also, some of the brick from the old school was saved and will be incorporated into sign design.

Library Board

The final item on the agenda for the evening was the acceptance of the resignation of Leslie Ewing from the library board and the approval of Andrea Drone to fill the position.