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Hickory Grove Golf Course will remain a golf course
Hickory Grove
Hickory Grove Township and the surrounding area will keep their golf course.
“It’s done and sold!” That’s how now-former co-owner Larry Bomkamp put it Monday morning regarding the Hickory Grove Golf Course, which has been the subject of wild speculation over the past six months after it was put up for sale.
Bomkamp shared that the course was sold to Greg and Heather Norsby of Boscobel. The Norsbys are also former owners of the Boscobel Hotel.
The announcement of the sale comes a day ahead of a scheduled Hickory Grove Township meeting where discussions were to be had regarding the rezoning of the property. Petitions had been previously brought to the township board to rezone the property from commercial to agricultural.
In the process many rumors passed across social media and beyond about the Amish community’s interest in the course for farm land. Those rumors were confirmed by both Larry and his daughter and realtor for the property Bobbi Jo Bomkamp.
“I want to formally thank the Amish community for letting them (the Norsbys) have it,” Larry said.
“It was rather respectful of them to step down from the offer,” Bobbi Jo echoed. “Kudos to them.”
Larry encouraged community members to continue visiting and supporting both the Amish farmers north of Fennimore as well as the golf course under new ownership.
“Everything will be up and operating. They are taking over this week,” Larry said. “Business as usual—golf course, restaurant, and more, so I’m told.”
“It’s wonderful news!” an excited Fennimore Promotions Coordinator Linda Parrish shared. “It will open up more opportunities going forward in the community, it’s (staying a golf course) just great news!”
The golf course was listed by Century 21 for $675,000. The final closing price was not available at press time.