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Park & Rec discuss Bunny Hop, bball court
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DARLINGTON – The Bunny Hop, which took place April 15, and the repaving of the basketball court took president at the Wednesday, May 31 Park & Rec meeting of the City of Darlington.
Bunny Hop
    Amy Prine, Director of the Dora Ritter Wellness Center, stated the Bunny Hop (a 5k run/walk event held in April) went extremely well this year. The income from the event came in at $13,492, minus expenses, the Wellness Center made a profit of $8,401.
    Prine recommended donating $4,000 to the Roelli family (who the run was honoring) and spending $3,750 on weight equipment including a weighted tire – $2,000, ropes - $250 and ab equipment - $1,500, leaving $2,469 in the Bunny Hop account. The committee approved Prine’s recommendation. The new equipment will be located in the weight room just off the gym. This will need to go through the city council.
Basketball Court
    Wade Berget, Park & Rec department head, gave an update of the upcoming Riverside Park basketball court reconstruction. The colors chosen for the court, by the city, are grey court, red lanes and white lines. There will be an eight foot Redbird logo in the center of the court and the word Redbird on both ends.
    The project will begin “any day now”, with prep work possibly starting June 7. The entire resurfacing will take no longer than a week. The funding for the $25,000 project is coming from the city - $10,000 budgeted monies and donations from the Sieg Foundation $7,500 and the Wiegel Strong Foundation - $7,500.
    Prine reported that three ellipticals in the Wellness Center have a bad clicking and all six that the center owns need some repair. Prine received an estimate of $3,784 to fix all six of the machines. The machines are $7,000 new, so Prine thought it would be well worth repairing the equipment. The committee approved the repairs.
    In Other Business:
    •Mayor Breunig thanked Prine for setting up and being there for the American Legion during the Memorial Day presentation.
    •The committee approved a replacement, Chad Golakson, for mower for the summer.
    •The swimming pool has been filled and may be ready to go by June 7.
    •Walking trail will be sealcoated in late summer or early fall.