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Cuban of the Month - Tim Gile
Tim Gile
Tim Gile

CUBA CITY—As a business owner in Cuba City, Tim Gile volunteers to keep Cuba City an inviting place for people to visit.

Tim and his wife, Diane, own and operate Gile Cheese, located at 116 N. Main St., Cuba City. Tim’s family makes a variety of cheeses they sell at their store. The Carr Cheese Factory, located on Twin Bridges Road east of Cuba City, has been in operation since 1921. Tim earned his cheesemaker’s license in 1986 and officially took over the family business.
Since 1986, Tim has been a member of the Cuba City Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as president of the group. He is responsible for running the organization, including scheduling events, completing paperwork, running the monthly meetings and assisting with fundraisers.

“I want to keep things inviting in town and make it look nice,” Tim said. “I try to keep businesses here in town. It’s nice to do something for the community.”

He said the chamber used to have more members.

“We didn’t do a lot of fundraisers,” Tim said. “We maintained an organization where we existed but the thing we mainly got involved with was the community fair and picnic. In later years, the street dance came in, then the truck and tractor pull and now the beautification projects with the garbage cans and flower pots as well as the new Christmas lights. Back then, we had more people involved than we do now. It was a little slower paced, where now everything is go, go go.”
Several years ago, the group stopped meeting and was eventually revived.

“I don’t want to see it stall out again,” Tim said. “It happened to us once and I don’t want to see it happen again. We do a lot for the city. Some of the things we are doing takes the burden off of the city.”

Tim said Cuba City is a wonderful community to raise a family in. It has a lot of local benefits and is close enough to larger communities.

“The thing I hear the most from my customers is the cleanliness of Cuba City,” Tim said. “We have a nice, clean, quiet town.”

Tim said he is happy to see the empty buildings in the industrial park filled.

“I like to see all of the improvements the businesses in town have done. There is still work to do,” Tim said.
“Tim has been president of the chamber since its reorganization several years ago,” Cuba City Mayor Tom Gile said. “He puts a lot of hours in to planning chamber events to earn money so we can beautify our Main Street and make Cuba City a place we can all be proud of. From the entrance signs coming into Cuba City to the flower pots and garbage containers,

Tim has been a promoter of Cuba City and we thank him for all his efforts.”

Tim has also volunteered on the St. Rose School Board and St. Rose Church Council in the past. He was also involved in the City of Presidents and Cuba City Lions Club.

Tim has been a lifelong resident of the Cuba City community. He graduated from Cuba City High School. He and Diane have two daughters, Stacy and Stephanie.

Editor's Note: This column will be a special addition to the Tri-County Press on a monthly basis. Look for each installment near the end of the month. All volunteers are recomended for the article by Mayor Tom Gile. If you have ideas for future volunteers in the community to be recognized, contact Tom Gile at 608-744-3203.