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Hello Hillsboro: Cabaret Singers reunite
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Remember the wonderful musical group called the Cabaret Singers who entertained folks in Hillsboro more years back than I care to admit?

With some encouragement from former director Toni Tengblad, they are planning a long overdue encore in a 20-Year Reunion Concert at Hillsboro High School on Saturday afternoon, Aug. 24, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

I well remember their popularity and how diversified their performances always were, with plenty of humor included in the entertaining shows. They performed the kind of music that made the audience want to sing along, or at least chip in with some humming.

The concert is a fund-raiser for a roofing project at the First Congregational Church, and a free will offering will be taken.

So, head for the HHS gymnasium on Aug. 24, and take a nostalgic stroll down memory lane while helping a very good cause at the same time.

Come, join the fun, and try to forget how long it’s been between concerts!


With the U.S. timetable for leaving Iraq and Afghanistan in high gear, it’s easy for folks to forget that the need for military support is still a high priority for our country.

Hillsboro and our surrounding communities will never forget the ongoing service and sacrifice many of our young folks have made in previous years, allowing us to enjoy our freedom and safety.

And, although it’s certainly not discussed as much, that call for dedication is still being answered by many family members, friends, and neighbors who now proudly wear the uniform of military service.

That thought hit home recently when our across-the-street neighbor, Matt Stowell, left for basic training in the Army National Guard. It wasn’t long ago when he used to earn a few extra bucks by helping us rake up the thousands, maybe even millions, of leaves that found a home on the ground beneath the many trees on our double lot!

I stopped to chat with Heather Stowell while walking my furry pal, “Socks,” the other night and inquired about Matt. They had just received a much too short phone call from him that was limited to a matter of minutes.

He did, however, have time to assure them everything was fine, although very busy. Imagine that at boot camp!

He also gave them his address at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.

After writing regularly to my son-in-law, Nate Wilbanks, while he was deployed in Iraq for a year some time ago, I can assure you nothing cheers up a soldier more than a letter or package from home.

With that in mind, we try to keep them in touch with home-town folks by printing their addresses in this column while  they are serving our country. If a military hero from your family is looking for mail, call us at 489-2822 with an address and some current info.

And, if you get the chance, drop Matt a line and thank him for his service.

PVT. Stowell, Matthew T.
B Battery, 1-19 FA, 4th Platoon
5970 S. Boundary Rd.
Fort Sill, OK 73503
Class # 6413


 This week’s last words: Since it’s the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late!