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Letters to The Platteville Journal for Oct. 23
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‘Recipe for disaster’

As I begin to write this opinion, many folks in this once strong country are celebrating a victory. These folks believe that somehow it is a victory that their government granted itself some additional time to go even further into debt.

The reason, of course, that we need to borrow and print more money is because we can’t afford to pay our bills. For some this might be a clue. For the clueless, it is a victory. Really! Ever think about the notion of living within our means? We are now taxing those hard working, successful people a lot more, but that still isn’t enough. Ever think about cutting back on the waste?

It is a very sad day for those who have any grasp of the continuing damage this is doing. Liberals (Democrats) chosen by an electorate that has little clue of fiscal responsibility are controlling the utterly ridiculous spending and borrowing of this country. How can they believe that this is in any sustainable is beyond my comprehension. Those who are making these decisions are supposedly “educated people.”

The reason they are in power is because they are supported by the clueless. They have very little vision of reality, so they can be easily swayed by false promises.

My time having to live under these big government destructive ways is limited. Those young people who think it’s great to get another credit card to max out will eventually be saying, “What the hell were we thinking?” They weren’t thinking clearly!

For those who continue to elect those who are destroying this country with their “do good” ideology and reckless spending … shame on you! Shame on the media that refuses to report the truth! Unless we elect people who will make fiscally sound decisions, we are doomed. This is no scare tactic; this is the truth.

What should be common-sense economics has become shameful stupidity. The parent who is responsible is portrayed as the obstructionist, while the parent who says “spend more, borrow more” is portrayed as the reasonable one. This is a recipe for disaster.

The list of the ridiculous is so lengthy that I will choose to comment on just one — the Affordable Health Care Act, you know, that massive bill that no one read before voting on it. For a few, it may actually be more “affordable.” It is the “health care” part that will prove to be the problem.

When you need (read?) the health care portion, take a look at what your new deductible will be. Oops, that destroys the “affordable” aspect! If this type of health care was really so good, then why are those who passed it and signed it exempted from having to abide by it? Do you hear insurance companies complaining about it? No! They know they are going to make even more money off the folks. As long as you stay healthy, it may be affordable. The trick will be to avoid the “health care” part. Good luck!

I will expect some response from those who disagree with my views. You are welcome to spin it any way you may choose. I will respond ahead of time by saying: Some people think big government is good; I don’t. I am not so foolish in thinking that my views will change anything, but at least I feel better for having expressed them.

Thomas Skubal

Bridgeport in court

Town of Bridgeport officials have done it again! They granted permits for frac sand mining along the Wisconsin River and the Wisconsin 60 scenic byway without addressing citizen concerns despite a large citizen outcry.

Now the board voted to refuse to schedule an administrative hearing request from Bridgeport plaintiffs Arnold Steele, Mark Fishler, Loren Fishler and Dan Linder, and the Crawford Stewardship Project.

The lawsuit was filed on the grounds that the Town Board and Planning Comission failed to follow their zoning, ignored the concerns of their constituents, put virtually no conditions in the conditional use permit, and has possible conflicts of interest.

All this is in stark contrast to the vast majority of other villages and towns in Crawford County that have been proactive in passing ordinances to protect property values, the conditions of their roads, the quality of their air and water, and the health and welfare of the people.

Despite Bridgeport Sup. Rodney Fishler’s moving appeal for democracy and transparency, on Sept. 18 the Bridgeport Town Board voted 2–1 to deny an administrative hearing. The plaintiffs maintain the hearing is legally and morally required to address the questions of the residents of Bridgeport who will live with the effects of this mine for the next 60 years. And now while local residents watch and shake their heads, the tragedy of the mine is unfolding before our eyes while the courts are left to decide the fate of Bridgeport.

Forest Jahnke
Crawford Stewardship Project Coordinator

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