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Platteville Journal Letters to the Editor for Oct. 17
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Elks need donations

The Platteville Elks Dictionary Program and youth activities need your help.

The Elks can pay for 24 cases of books for the third grade. The Elks go to 48 schools over 1,000 miles in one week.
We cannot stop this program with all the cuts schools are making. Our students need you to stop and help.

A case costs $42. We need 24 more cases. Send to the Platteville Elks in care of the Dictionary Program and Youth Activities, 50 S. Oak St., Platteville, WI 53818.

The teachers and students thank you.

Kathy Gillen
Cuba City

On Football Ticket Night

This letter all starts with a simple Platteville Hillmen Football fan attending a Friday night home game. We are not residents of the City of Platteville. We live about six miles outside the city limits. Our children grew up in and attended the School District of Platteville. Our youngest son now attends UW–Platteville. My husband is an employee of the City of Platteville.

I’ve read in the paper and heard in the news all the parking issues Platteville has had. Up until this football game, it really didn’t affect my husband or me.

We love to support our local football team, as our kids both participated in the program and I have a family member who is now part of the team. I thought I had read the parking sign on Southwest Road near the UW–Platteville stadium to read “Permit Required or Two Hour Parking 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.” I thought I understood this to mean that after 6 p.m., there was no permit required. Awesome!

To our surprise, when we left the game, we had a $50 parking ticket. Wow! Really? $50 to attend a high school football game? How many other people received these tickets to include the visiting team family and friends members? This was on Friday night, Sept. 21. There was a UWP game the prior night. How many people received the same pricey ticket?

Couldn’t warnings have been issued? I’m sure the police were aware a football game was in progress and that most of the owners of the cars parked in this area were attending the game.

Once we got home, I called the Platteville Police Department to find out what the sign actually read. I was informed that where I was parked, I needed a parking permit. Plain and simple … need a parking permit. Why doesn’t the sign just read that? I expressed my frustration. The person I was speaking with advised that they’ve received numerous visits and calls in regards to this issue. I was advised that I should attend a Common Council meeting to address this. I asked her if the City of Platteville Police have anything better to do than drive around town and issue parking tickets. I was advised that they don’t like this parking fiasco any better than the citizens do.

The next day I drove around town and viewed some other parking signs. There are no consistent signs around town. Why does the Common Council make things so complicated? They’ll drive people away from attending events in Platteville.

I understand that the university is a source of revenue for the city. However, let’s take care of our local citizens, too. I have a family member who lives within the university district. She received two parking permits to park in her neighborhood, but no instructions with it as to where this permit could be used outside her neighborhood. She called the Police Department and was advised that they should have received a letter from the City of Platteville. She never received this letter.

I also know someone who is an employee at the university. Parking is a nightmare, I was told. A student had come in who had a parking permit and told my friend that she drove around for 20 minutes before she found a spot to park. My son, who commutes between home and school, has troubles with parking also. I really feel for the staff, students and any residents who live in the university district.

Please be advised if you’re attending a game at UW–Platteville’s stadium in the evening hours, be careful where you park.

Lisa Peacock
5324 Beagle Lane, Platteville

He supports Marklein

To the voters of the 51st Assembly District: The pending date for election of our state representatives is rapidly approaching.

It is time to evaluate the credentials of the candidates running for this office. In the normal election process, we are presented with an incumbent and an untested candidate declaring she presents a better option for the voters.

I would like to bring to your attention the job presently being done by Rep. Howard Marklein. I am the mayor of the City of Shullsburg. I first met Howard Marklein when he was out walking the streets in Shullsburg, campaigning for his initial run for the state Assembly and detailed his goals if elected. Howard proceeded to ask me what my present concerns were in state government. Yes, a candidate who listened and further discussed how to address and change issues on my personal agenda. He continued to listen to my opinions about issues and helped our city expand a few of its businesses. He was always there to answer emails and phone calls.

I am the type of person who usually finds dissatisfaction with an elected official who forgets about the people that voted him into office or promises made to people during campaigns. When this describes the incumbent, I am always willing to vote in the newcomer. Rep. Marklein is doing an excellent job of staying in touch with his constituents and working to achieve their goals, not his personal agenda.  I also believe in the phrase “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it!” If you trust my judgement, the representative of the 51st Assembly District does not need fixing!

Tom Lethlean
Mayor of Shullsburg