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After 30 years, the Dial has a new editor
In Boscobel
New Dial Editor
EMILY SCHENDEL is the new editor of the Boscobel Dial newspaper. Shendel took the job after long-time editor David Krier retired at the end of December 2021.

BOSCOBEL - After many, many years as the faithful leader of the Boscobel Dial, Dave Krier has retired. I have worked with the faithful leader of the Boscobel Dial, Dave Krier has retired. I have worked with Dave on and off throughout my entire career with Morris Newspapers. It’s hard to imagine filling the shoes of someone who is so synonymous with this particular newspaper that most people know him simply as Dial Dave. However, I’ll do my best.

I began my career in the newspaper industry at only 17, working as an intern at the Crawford County Independent in Gays Mills. I spent most of my time formatting content during my hours spent in the office through the work release program at school.

I have worked at various capacities at that office over time, first as intern and later as reporter and occasionally fill in editor and even some moments helping out as office manager. A few years back I had the opportunity to work as the reporter for the Boscobel Dial, when then reporter Erin Martin took the position as the editor of the Fennimore Times.

Following the birth of my second son, and Erin’s departure from the position at the Times, I followed in her footsteps and took on the editorial role there. As life changed and things shifted and we were all presented with the huge shock that would become the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, I shifted away from the Times and started working doing reporting for the Crawford County Independent and Dial once more, some editorial work for the Muscoda Progressive, as well as writing my column and various work here and there for the papers. This allowed the opportunity to have a little more flexibility in my schedule to help with my young children at home during such uncertain times.

Now, I am excited and ready to be back in the editorial role. I have a passion for local journalism. I feel that there is so much power in a small paper and telling the stories of a community. I hope you’ll share yours with me in the future.

A little bit about me on the more personal side: I am a mother of two little ones, Thatcher who is five and Waylon who is three. I have a bit of a shirttail relative connection to Boscobel, as my partner and father of my children is Chasca Dremsa, the son of the late Cisco Dremsa and family member of the large Marietta Valley based family. He has many fun memories of his time spent in Boscobel as a kid with his dad. Many days were spent fishing on the river in his dad’s memorable pontoon or popping by the A & W for a rootbeer.

On the homefront, we live currently outside of Star Valley near Soldiers Grove. We operate a small hobby farm, primarily offering pastured raised organic pork and dabbling in grass fed beef. But of course, we also have our fair share of chickens, cats, and our dogs Sloppy and Queenie, ever present Australian Shepherds.

One of my goals for the Dial is to bring some new life into the newspaper, and keep it a valuable source of information for years to come. Although we cannot compete with the instantaneous and continuous streams of information that you can get with your phones, we can offer a deeply personal view into your community. We can present the facts and showcase what makes Boscobel and our area special. We can be the heartbeat of a community.

To that effect, I want to invite all of you to feel welcomed to reach out to me with your tips, story ideas, questions, or just to say hello. You can reach me by all the same old means you’d contact Dave, I hope to hear from you.