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Couple builds grain storage facility south of Boscobel
Grain bins
A former Fennimore couple, Jeff and Jennifer Braudt, have purchased the former Jennings' home above Boscobel Bowl & Banquet and are in the process of construction of a large grain storage facility below their home along Highway 61 south of Boscobel. Four bins with a storage capacity of 130,000 bushels will soon be completed.

One day Jeff and Jennfier Braudt took a ride looking for some property. Little did they know that during that drive they would find the spot where they now live and store most of their grain.
The Braudts bought a 41-acre property on US 61 on the southern edge of Boscobel and now are putting four grain bins on the land. Additionally on the property was a house that has a picturesque view of the bluffs that overlook the city of Boscobel. After a little coaxing to drive up the hill and looking at the property, the Braudts fell quickly fell in love with the place.
"It wouldn't have mattered if I would've said no," Jennifer said. "Jeff was like 'This is it, this is where I'm retiring.'"
The Braudts, originally from Fennimore were looking for a place to store their in their hometown, but were unsuccessful.
"The first time I talked to the city of Boscobel down here, it was the director at theutility office," Jeff said. "I asked him about this property a little bit and asked him if there was going be any problems with me doing it right here. The only thing he said was 'If you were just on the other side of the creek, I have some low interest money, we could help you.' I can see the community em-braces me. It's just a whole different atmosphere to work in."
It took awhile to get everything finalized for construction and Jeff and his crew have been busy since Aug. 30 trying to get his bins up before the snow flies. The four bins that will be completed soon will hold approximately 130,000 bushels of grain. The two biggest bins hold 56,000 each. There are also 12,000 bushels in the drying bin and 5,700 in the overhead bin.
"I think it's coming together nice," Jeff said. "It's shaping up a little different than I thought it was going to, but it's shaping together nice and I had the same thought all along. I wish I had one more bin down there so I had a little more capacity, (but) it's going to work out nice. I can see the convenience of it, it's going to be a little better than I thought it was going to be."
There are plans for a shop in the future and plans for another bin for grain and one bin for bean storage as well.
"Eventually he wants to put a shop and shed down there," Jennifer said. "Probably next year."