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Children victims in several court cases
Bouzek latest of charges this month
Aaron Bouzek

   In July, a number of court cases have been filed where the victims of the crimes were children, in some cases victimized by someone they, or their family trusted.

    The latest was filed July 29 against Aaron Bouzek, 32, Prairie du Chien, who is charged with 33 felony counts, ranging from possessing child pornography, taking explicit photos of children, to having different levels of sexual contact with young children.

    An investigation started this past spring where an initial child pornography charge was filed, the additional charges were a result of further investigation that included searching numerous electronic devices.

    In the criminal complaint, after initially denying he was interested in child pornography, Bouzek said he enjoyed stories of an incestuous nature and, according to the report, “wished the world would accept these stories because he feels everyone should be free to express themselves,” investigators wrote. The report further states that Bouzek felt if children of any age enjoyed sex, they should be allowed to express themselves, and that society should not view this as a taboo.

    The report states that Bouzek admitted taking a sexually explicit photo and showing one minor the use of one type of sex toy.

    The charges cover numerous levels of assault that began in December 2007, and continued through to this spring. A total of four victims were represented in the charges, which have maximum penalties totaling 1,125 years in prison, and fines that could total $2.5 million. Many of the charges call for bifurcated sentences, with minimums of 25 years in prison.

He is charged with two counts of repeated sexual assault of a child, three counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child and three counts of possession of child pornography. Those charges span from the end of 2007 to April of 2014.  Bouzek is additionally charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child and sexual exploitation of a child for conduct, two counts of sexual exploitation of a child for conduct.  Bouzek is charged with another eighteen counts of possession of child pornography.

    Bouzek made his initial appearance on these charges on Wednesday, where Judge Craig Day set bond at $100,000, which does not include the $25,000 bond that Bouzek was already on for the April charge. He also is not allowed any contact with any of his victims, families, nor his wife, unless he remains in jail, at which time he would still be allowed to talk to his wife.

    Bouzek’s case is the latest in a group of cases filed this month. Charged a day before Bouzek was Juan G. Rivera, who is charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault of a child, a Class C felony which has penalties of up to 40 years in prison and $100,000 in fines. In the case filing, Rivera is accused of jumping into the bed of a minor, attempting to engage in contact, then fleeing when the person woke up. A witness also states that Rivera threatened the victim about speaking up, according to the report.

    On July 9 charges were filed against Joshua J. Schmitz, 28, Boscobel, of sexual contact with a child, as well as charges related to having sex with a minor 16 years of age or older.

    In the case file, investigators report that Schmitz was hanging out with a youth half his age in Kronsage Park. During their time together, Schmitz held hands and kissed the youth, but when they were getting ready to part, they hugged and Schmitz moved his hands from the person’s back to their front, and told the person how it felt. The youth reacted negatively and told him to stop.

    The report also said that Schmitz grabbed the buttocks of the youth.

    Schmitz is charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault of a child, which has maximum penalties of $100,000 and 40 years in prison, one count of repeated assault, which also has maximum penalties of $100,000 and 40 years in prison, as well as two counts of sex with a child at least 16 years of age, which is a misdemeanor with a penalty of $10,000 in fines and nine months in jail.

    Another child pornography case filed involves Andrew Tuckwood, Verona, who has been charged with 10 counts of possessing child pornography. Tuckwood, who was living in Platteville for school, had his computer in his apartment searched, which found several images downloaded, as well as a search history visiting sites which have different images.

    None of the images found were created by Tuckwood.

    Each of the charges Tuckwood is charged with are Class D felonies, which have maximum penalties of $100,000 in fines and a prison term up to 25 years.