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Lafayette Sheriffs seek $50 scammer

    The Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s assistance with identifying the suspect involved in the passing of counterfeit $50 bills described below.
    In the evening hours of Tuesday, November 8, 2016, an unknown suspect, described as a Hispanic male, passed several counterfeit U.S. Currency $50 bills in local taverns and stores throughout Lafayette County. The suspect was described as heavy set, approximately 240 pounds, standing approximately 5’8” tall, with a mustache and hair on his chin, wearing a flat brim baseball cap, blue jeans, black shirt, and gray long sleeve pullover.
    The male subject was believed to have been a passenger in a dark colored passenger car, possibly a Buick LeSabre, believed to have been driven by a second subject who remained in the vehicle.  
    It was reported by several establishments that the subject would order a drink and then claim to have to smoke or use the restroom. He then takes his change from the counterfeit $50.00 bill and leaves. In Darlington the counterfeiter hit Spot Tavern, G Nyffy’s Bar, Corner Bar & Grill and Legends.
    The $50 bills appear real and the check marker shows the bills are genuine, however, under ultra violet light; the bills are missing the security strip that is normally visible.
    Anyone with information pertaining to the unknown subject or similar incidents are asked to contact Detective Sergeant Jerrett Cook of the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office.