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Offender to be released, live in Town of Platteville
Gladney no glasses
Billy W. Gladney Jr. - photo by Grant County Sheriffs Office

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office announced that Billy W. Gladney Jr., who was convicted of two first-degree sexual assault charges in Milwaukee County in 1989 and 1991, will be released from custody the week of April 4.

The Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook page that Gladney is “a convicted sex offender who has been identified by professionals as a person who may present a risk to reoffend.”

Gladney, 47, will be living at 639 Cheese Factory Lane in the Town of Platteville upon his release. The Sheriff’s Office said that sex offenders must return to the community “where the offense occurred, unless court ordered.”

The Sheriff’s Office said that Gladney will be “under the close monitoring” of local Probation & Parole agents and GPS monitoring equipment. He will be required to be chaperoned outside his house, and is banned from visitors without a Department of Corrections representative, contact with minors, use of alcohol or “illegal narcotics,” bars, firearms, computers and cellphones, and places “commonly attended by children.” He has a lifetime registration with the state Sex Offender Registration Program.

Gladney was ordered committed as a sexually violent person in 2002 following four years of court hearings. Since then, he spent years filing petitions for his release in Milwaukee County, with one decision upheld by the state Court of Appeals and one decision upheld by a U.S. District Court judge.

Finally, in 2013, officials in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office had no objection to Gladney’s supervised release. Numerous court hearings were held after that to determine a placement for Gladney, including outside Milwaukee County at Gladney’s attorneys’ request, according to court records.