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Echos of the past for August 15
Old Fennimore Main Street
ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO (1919)—Blessing Bros. sold their business block on main street to James Tormey. The building was erected by the latter’s father, Thomas Tormey, and again comes into the family, whose name it carried for so many years. Blessing Bros. will continue their business the same as always. —Lieut. Carl P. Hinn returned home from Camp Grant where he received his discharge from the service.
    NINETY YEARS AGO (1929)—Fennimore and vicinity is to be treated to what is known as the greatest sport—a rodeo and stampede. The Hack Rosenthal rodeo of Rheim, N.D., is coming here under the auspices of the Geo. D. Whitish Post of American Legion Saturday, Aug. 17. There will be two performances, at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Events include saddle bucking contests, bronc busting, bareback riding, roping, steer riding, bulldogging, Roman standing race, potato race, free-for-all, and cow pony race.
    EIGHTY YEARS AGO (1939)—Probably the largest appliance demonstration ever held in Grant County will be an all day event at Maso’s hall in Fennimore on Saturday, Aug. 19. County merchants and manufacturers will display electric ranges, refrigerators, washers, ironers, water heaters, pumps, radios, motors, sewing machines, milking machines, farm power equipment, and many other items. A special service will be supplied to the hall to provide additional power for the demonstration. Many of the appliances will be metered in order to show the actual cost of operation. The demonstration and celebration is to mark the energization of 132 miles of new R.E.A. line in the northern portion of Grant County. The completion of the new project is welcomed by over 200 farm families who will realize the benefits already experienced by nearly 700 local co-op households.
    SEVENTY YEARS AGO (1949)—Loyce Novinska initiated his new butchering plant Tuesday afternoon in a big way. Loyce had expected to open his butchering service on Wednesday when he had some 16 hogs scheduled for processing, but Harold Zimpel had different ideas. Harold had obtained a huge buffalo cow from Montana and prevailed on Loyce to butcher the big animal Tuesday afternoon.
    SIXTY YEARS AGO (1959)—Tuesday, Sept. 1 is the date set by the city council for Fennimore’s second swimming pool referendum within a two-year period. The council passed the resolution calling for a bond issue of $95,000 for construction of a swimming pool. If approved, the $95,000 bond issue will automatically become mandatory and the council will proceed with the project.
     FIFTY YEARS AGO (1969)—Jim Lomas was the first customer Tuesday morning as Ed Thoftne opened his new barber shop in the Fennimore Veterinary Clinic building. Ed had been barbering at the McCormick shop here for seven years before going into business for himself. —Members of the board of the townships of Fennimore, Liberty, and Mt. Ida met with the Fennimore city council at the regular meeting Monday evening and entered into an informal agreement regarding use of the city dump. Each township agreed to pay $250 for use of the dump for the balance of the current year.
    FORTY YEARS AGO (1979)—Librarian Gilda Finnegan reported the summer reading program has come to an end. Wednesday and Thursday were Winnie the Pooh days for the preschool through third graders. Mrs. Ellen Krantz made a Winnie the Pooh cake which was enjoyed by all.
     THIRTY YEARS AGO (1989)—Teachers joining the Fennimore School District staff this fall are Deborah Vink, high school French and English; Robin Streeter, second grade; Bob Bramlett, high school special education; Pam Waltz, kindergarten; Carmen Burkum, gifted and talented and CBT coordinator; Elizabeth Osterday, fourth grade; Linda Ihm, Chapter 1; Linda Bangert, Chapter 1; and Peg O’Conner, elementary physical education.
    TWENTY YEARS AGO (1999)—This year’s Fennimore Junior Fair will feature over 550 exhibits from local 4-H and FFA members from the Fennimore area. Included in the exhibits will be 90 head of beef and dairy cattle and 26 head of sheep, swine, and goats, based on pre-entries completed Monday night.
    TEN YEARS AGO (2009)—Thanks to a weekend of ideal weather for summer activities, people came out in droves for the 10th annual Fun Fest and 74th annual Junior Fair in Fennimore. Speedy Mart had the winning float in the parade.