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PEP grant funds state of the art fitness center at Cuba City High School
Open house for district residents is Sept. 28
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Pictured is the new fitness center at the Cuba City High School. At right is an aerial view of the treadmills and ellipticals.

During this past year, the Cuba City School District has been featured numerous times discussing and explaining the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant.
This three-year grant provides the resources necessary to implement changes in the health and wellness of our students to include curriculum, training and necessary equipment to accomplish this goal.
Cuba City School District administrator, Doug Domeracki said the first year of the three-year commitment has been completed. "This past year has brought much change to the district," Domeracki said. "Changes have taken part at both the elementary and high school, with the most visible addition to the district at the high school building where we will have an open house on Wednesday, Sept. 28."
Plans began in the fall of 2010 when the district applied for the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant. Being awarded the grant allowed the school district to engage in many improvements from installing water to the greenhouse, curricular modifications in health and physical education, healthier food choices in the cafeteria and the construction of a new fitness center in the high school. The fitness center is outfitted with equipment that will help students reach health and wellness standards and help improve and teach the importance of each students' well being. With opportunities to take part in the new curriculum and chances to work with new equipment, every student will have the chance to succeed regardless of their fitness level and interest in sports.
The changes, in what was once a weight room with free weights and a couple of machines, have transformed into a fitness center including multiple treadmills, ellipticals, ascent trainers, recumbent and upright cycles, all of which weren't previously available for students. Expanded resistance training equipment and free weights, with a focus on specific muscle groups and safety, continue to be available to students.
The number one objective of this new fitness center is to get students more involved in physical activity. Open workout times are available before and after school for all students. This time provides a period of time where students don't have to worry about the large crowds or athletic teams coming in and using equipment. Student-athletes are still able to use the facility during their scheduled team time in the fitness center.
All students will all be orientated to the new fitness center before they are able to use it. During this time, they learn how to properly use and clean the equipment as well as safety and other rules that must be followed while working out. Students will be able to access the fitness center in their physical education classes. With multiple ways of utilizing the facilities, some day's students may be instructed to work out at a target heart rate on the cardio equipment, while others may focus on the strength equipment.
Getting students involved and becoming active at this point in their lives can lead to academic, psychosocial and health benefits. When students get the chance to complete a workout, it allows them to experience success and help them feel good about their accomplishments. The more time students spend in some form of physical activity, the more likely they are going to become more energetic, which can lead to being more active in the classroom as well.
The Cuba City School District is very proud to be able to expand opportunities for students in this era of funding shortfalls. The pursuit of grants and other initiatives that improve offerings and experiences for our students can never be underestimated when the outcomes have an impact on student life. On Wednesday, Sept. 28, The Cuba City School District will host an open house for the public for the community to see what opportunities this fitness center holds for Cuba City students. The open house will run from 1-8 pm with short tours throughout that timeframe.