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When an idea becomes reality
At Riverdale Schools
Rose Kleppin's giving tree
ROSE KLEPPIN, a sophomore at Riverdale Junior High/High School stands near her creation of a construction paper Christmas tree in the library.

MUSCODA - It started with just an idea to decorate with a construction paper tree. But as the tree grew, so did the idea.

Rose Kleppin, a sophomore at Riverdale JHHS had some free time during her study hall and reached out to the librarian there to see if she could add to the holiday decorations in the library by creating a construction paper Christmas tree. As the tree went up, Rose wanted to do more. She wanted ornaments, she wanted student involvement, she wanted community involvement. And so, after talking it through with the Librarian, Mrs. Duffy-Brauer, and a meeting with the Principal, Mr. Campbell, Rose’s idea grew from some simple decorations into a way to give back to our community. The Giving Tree was born.

Based on the popular children’s book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree tells the story of a tree that loved a little boy so much that it gave all it had until it had nothing left to give, and then it gave some more. By putting this together during the holidays,

Rose is hoping to see the community give. To give so much that they can’t give more, but they do. That is what community is about.

Over the next two Fridays, Rose and the Library Club will be promoting a HAT DAY. For $1, students and staff can pay to wear a hat to school. Minimum donation of $1, but students and staff are welcome to donate more. The donation will enter them into a drawing for a gift card to be awarded each of the two Fridays. The more you donate, the more chances you have to win. It will also get them a paper ornament with their name to be added to The Giving Tree. Rose’s hope is to have so many ornaments, it fills up her entire tree and raises money for a good cause.

The HAT DAY proceeds will be donated to the residents at Riverdale Health Center to purchase some needed items over the holidays.

Rose reminds all of us that during this holiday season, giving selflessly of ourselves is the best gift of all.

If the community would like to donate to Rose’s Giving Tree, please reach out to Trina Duffy-Brauer at the High School for more information at 608-739-3116 or drop off a cash donation to the JHHS front office in an envelope labeled Giving Tree.