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City holds 150th birthday party
Boscobel students make '150'
ON MARCH 15, students and staff of Boscobel Schools formed the number ‘150’ on the football field to mark the City of Boscobels 150th birthday (sesquicentennial). All this fun is just a taste of festivities to come at the City’s planned weeklong celebration coming up July 1-8.

BOSCOBEL - March 15 marked the official birthday of the City of Boscobel, and all around town, citizens celebrated. Numerous businesses and public places offered treats and deals for customers.

Boscobel Area School District students, and local businesses  helped in the birthday celebration marking 150 years for Boscobel as a city. Students made birthday cards, formed a human chain to make the number ‘150’ on the high school football field, and hosted a student gathering. The Library and other businesses handed out treats to patrons, and there were smiles all the way around.

Amcor Group celebrates with 150th birthday cake
AMCOR GLOBAL’S staff was treated to a birthday cake in honor of the City’s 150th birthday.
BASD 150th birthday cards
BIRTHDAY CARDS from students were on display at Boscobel Schools to help mark the date of the City’s 150th birthday.

The full Sesquicentennial celebration will take place July 1 through 8, with any exciting lineup of events planned around the July 4th holiday, which is always a good time in the City of Boscobel.

BASD 150th birthday party
BIRTHDAY PARTIES are always popular with the young folks, and students at Boscobel School’s clearly got into the birthday party spirit on March 15 to mark the City of Boscobel’s 150th birthday.

July celebration

The Sesquicentennial Celebration (150 years) will feature an engaging line up of events planned for July 1-8:

• July 1: Opening ceremony, celebrating the 1800s, a cake and ice cream social, Muskets & Memories attire, a horse and buggy parade, a military salute, a dress and beard contest, a memorial to the founder of Boscobel, and an old-fashioned street dance

• July 2: Church Day at Kroshage Park, celebrating the 1900s. The community is invited to join the faith community with an Old Time Box Social and/or bring your own picnic basket at 1 p.m., with music and an invitation to wear your sun bonnets and old hats

• July 3: Farmer’s/Rural Day, celebrating the 1930s and 1940s, at Krohshage Park, with a tractor and animal show, kid’s tractor pull, wear your bib overalls, a ‘Mayor’s Milking’ and Calling contests, a scanvenger hunt, and Fireman’s Music from 6-8 p.m. at the Larson Shelter

• July 4: Fireman’s Festival and July 4th Celebration at Kroshage Park, with a parade, kiddie rides, food, and fireworks at dusk

• July 5: Wheels & Deals Day, celebrating the 1950s and 1960s, at Kroshage Park, wear your poodle skirts and slick back your hair, a car cruise, local business sales and a flea market, desserts sponsored by the Women’s Club, bingo, a talent show, and music at the Depot starting at 5 p.m.

• July 6: History Day, celebrating historic figures, home tours, a ‘Ghosts of Wisconsin’ walking tour, a tour of the Depot Museum. GAR Hall, Gideon Room, Red Schoolhouse, and a historic style show at the Tuffley Community Center starting at 6 p.m.

• July 7: Sesquicentennial Kid’s Day, celebrating the 1970s and 1980s, wear your bell bottoms and bright colors, a block party, parade, games and magicians, and a Glow Dance at the Blaine Gym from 7-9 p.m., and Glow Bowling at Boscobel Bowl & Banquet

• July 8: Creative Arts Day, celebrating the present and future, at the Blaine Gym, with a variety of local artists displaying their creations, chainsaw and caricature artist spotlights, a chalk contest on Wisconsin Avenue, and a celebration wrap-up with live music on Wisconsin Avenue.