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Show Boat cast announced
2-21 Show Boat

The paddle wheel for “Show Boat” is starting to turn!  

Director Andrew Sharp has announced the cast for UW Platteville-Richland’s spring show.  

“Despite the terrible weather, which delayed us a week, there was a great turnout at auditions,” Sharp said. “We hope to add even more people as rehearsals progress.” 

The leading roles are: Magnolia Hawks - Delayni Fleeharty; Gaylord Ravenal - Michael Ames; Capt. Andy - David James Brock; Parthy Ann Hawkes - Barbi Hilleshiem; Ellie May Chipley - Leah Garner; Frank Schultz - Andrew Griesel; Julie La Verne - Allicia Woodhouse; Steve Baker - Ray Kradle; Queenie -Belinda Griffin; Joe - Michael Starks.  

Other cast and chorus members include Amelia Shannon, Annabeth Sprecher, Aundrea Nundahl, Brianna Johann, Cameron J. Cormican, Chloe Kratochwill, Christopher Shannon, Connor Klingaman, Craig Woodhouse, Daniel Carlson, Devon Woodhouse, Elena Huang, Elijah Jennings, Elli Durst, Jenna Cairns, Julianna Shannon, Joshua J. Clark, Kaiden Copus, Karee Stull, Lydia Stull, Madelynn Huber, Megan Meyer, Melissa Sprecher,  Noah Clark, Paige Nowicki, Parker Hunn, Sharon F. Zales, SkylaVazquez, Stella Woodhouse and Talena Sprecher.

Liz Niemeyer is the choral director, Eric Brewer is leading the orchestra and Delayni Fleeharty will double as leading lady and choreographer for the show. 

Performances will take place on April 5 and 6 at 7:30 p.m. and on April 7 at 1:30 p.m. in the Coppertop Theatre on campus. 

Anyone with questions or wanting to help out with the show can e-mail .