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Feed My Starving Children event returns to Boscobel
Volunteers Ethan Koestler and Jan Seplak help assemble "MannaPacks" at the Boscobel Fire Station Friday as part of the Feed My Starving Children effort.

Around the world there are nearly 6,200 kids dying every day from hunger or hunger-related causes. In order to lessen this number, people from around the world have been working with the Feed my Starving Children (FMSC) mobile packing program.

   Boscobel resident Katie Koestler helped with this project in Fennimore a couple years back and in 2012 she brought the project to Boscobel.

   “I wanted people to see what an impact a local project can have on the world,” said Koestler.

  FMSC is a Christian organization that works with over 70 countries around the world to stop people dying from starvation. When the group was first started, they were sending granola bars and crackers but it was found that it caused the kids to become worse. It was then that they came up with the “MannaPack.”

    The “MannaPack” is a nutritional meal used to reverse and prevent malnutrition. Each meal contains about 20 different vitamins, dehydrated veggies, soy protein and rice.

   This year for Koestler’s group, the goal was for them to fundraise $22,000, which helped them afford enough ingredients to package 100,000 meals for starving families. Each meal costs 22 cents to produce.

   FMSC provides life-saving meals to people from countries affected by natural disasters to places enduring economic despair through missionary partnerships at orphanages, schools, clinics, refugee camps and malnourishment centers.

   This last weekend over 500 volunteers of all ages joined Koestler at the Boscobel Fire Station to help get 100,000 meals packed to be shipped out all over the world. Each bag being packed over the weekend was enough to cover six meals. Some volunteers found themselves helping out by placing expiration stickers on the bags for the packers.

   Boscobel’s sixth grade class also participated in the packing over the weekend. At the end of the experience the students were able to come out with a specific, high-value outcome. Sixth graders were able to pack over 18,000 meals, which helped feed 50 children for a year.

  “The sixth grade class used FMSC to strengthen curriculum efforts focusing on citizenship, social service, and other positive aspects of character development,” said Math Teacher Sally Schweiger.

   The group was kept lively through the event as three FMSC representatives were playing music and coming up with ways to keep the group motivated. One of the ways used was for volunteers to scream when they needed more ingredients such as rice or vitamins.

  When the volunteers came to the end of their two-hour shift, they were able to try the “MannaPack” meal. The “MannaPack” meal is cooked just like someone would cook a normal package of rice. Add some water and mix it together.

   The FMSC is a four star rated charity. Due to the help given by members of the community, Boscobel’s group was able to get out 100,000 meals to children and families all around the area.

 If interested in learning more about the FMSC check out or contact them at