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Council eliminates eleven downtown parking spaces
in Boscobel
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The Boscobel Common Council voted Monday to eliminate 11 Wisconsin Avenue parking spaces upon recommendation from Police Chief Todd Stenner and the Protection and Welfare Committee.

“If anyone’s driven those streets you understand of all the intersections in town, those are the ones with the most accidents,” Stenner said of the intersections targeted for parking space removal.

The largest number, six, will be eliminated from the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Bluff Street:

• Two in front of the Unique Café;

• Two in front of Classic Reruns;

• One in front of the public library; and

• One in front of Boscobel Pharmacy.

Handicap parking spaces eliminated will be moved to a new spot one or two spaces down.

“These were all due to blind spots?” asked Alderman Milt Cashman.

“Yes,” replied Stenner. “We’ve always had a problem in front of the Unique.”

The other parking spaces slated to be eliminated include:

• Two in front of the Boscobel Dial;

• One in front of Genesis Salon; and

• Two in front of the Vale Inn.

The committee had also considered reducing the speed limit in the downtown area of Wisconsin Avenue from 25 mph to 15 mph but rejected that idea after Stenner conducted a speed check last week and found nearly all motorists in compliance with the current speed limit.

Wisconsin River Trail

The Council also passed a resolution in support of the Wisconsin River Trail Organization’s (WRTO) Phase 2A plan from the intersection of Borden Road and West Bluff Street to Cozy Acres Trailer Court on Highway 133 West. They also approved a related maintenance plan for the trail, which will be paid for by the WRTO.

“I didn’t see anything out of line,” said Director of Public Works Mike Reynolds. “Hopefully, we’ll get all the volunteers to do the work and we’ll be good.”

Reynolds said he anticipates an asphalt trail that shouldn’t require maintenance for 10-15 years. WRTO is anticipating an 80/20 state grant for the project, as well as funds from a Nelson Stewardship grant. Work on Phase 1 of the project extending the Sanders Creek trail north to the boat landing is set to begin this spring.

Annual Building Report

The Council also approved the 2015 Annual Building Report, which showed just one new home valued at $185,000 built in Boscobel last year. That compares to new home construction valued at $642,077 in 2014.

In total, there was $1,024,955 in new construction in Boscobel last year, compared to $3,272,210 in 2014.