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Shullsburg Council tackle issues
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SHULLSBURG—The Shullsburg City Council covered several issues at their meeting Wednesday, March 2, 2016.
    Capital Improvements – Approved to allow Delta3 to submit a CDBG application, a safe drinking water application, and to do the design engineering for Iowa Street, Oates Street and Estey Street.
    Union Street – The council approved a bid from Owen Construction for $12,800 to upgrade or to fix the Union Street storm sewer project. This project was designed and facilitated by Delta3 of Platteville. “We’re hoping it solves the problem,” said Mayor Gloria Swenson.
    Abatement – much discussion took place and it ranged from let’s start the process - to give them another chance and maybe we can save money. “This has been going on for ever and ever, what else can we do but, pay the piper and get it done,” said Alderman Jim Paquette, “there’s been zero cooperation.”
    I can write a $500 citation everyday,” commented Police Chief Josh Jerry. All citations have been paid except the latest one, which is in court Monday, March 7. Alderman Emmet Rielly said, “A better and cheaper option is to have Nathan Russell draft a document that she will agree to, that will allow the city to come in and clean up the property at the owners expense.
    Jerry said, “Why are we doing this, why don’t we go in right now and handle it (i.e. the abatement process). This has been going on for how long.” Reilly said, “The reason you don’t go right now is the possible expense and ongoing litigation.” he continued, “we have not tried to have a negotiated agreement or negotiated settlement to clean it up mutually.”
    The abatement has been approved at a previous meeting, and is moving forward. At this meeting, it was approved to have Attorney Nathan Russell create an agreement, between the party and the city, that would have the property mutually cleaned up (at the owners expense). If the party doesn’t agree, the city could start issuing citations weekly.
    Banner – the banner across Highway 11 for promoting city events. The Shullsburg Community Development Group are looking into putting up their own electrical poles to hold the banners. They have a permit from the DOT for the banner to go across Highway 11. The preferred location is near Shullsburg Community Bank on Highway 11. The question came up, who’s property would the pole’s be on and who would they need to get permission from, to put up the poles. It was suggested they talk to Tom Jean regarding right-of-way.
    Residential Development – briefly discussed the McCoy property and the council is realizing there are several steps and several committee’s to go through. Alderman Cory Rittenbusch said, “This is going to be a long process.”
    Police Officers - Appointment of two part-time Police officers – Scott Pedley and Bob Canfield were appointed by the Mayor Swenson.
    Miscellaneous Items – Approved a temporary ramp on Water Street for a resident that was in an accident; Approved the 2015 budget amendments and designated fund balance; Approved $5,500 for a new box and for new paint for the park truck; Amended Section 9.19 relating to public drinking and possession of alcoholic beverages. The changes include a fence needed around the permitted area will only need to be a four foot fence instead of two taller fences; Approved an agreement with BG & Associates for Administration of the Housing RLF; Approved training for Phosphorus Training.
    Future Agenda Items – Ordinance requiring sidewalks with any new water & sewer installed; Copy machine bid; Abatement issue.