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Platteville school enrollment up 4%
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PLATTEVILLE — The School District of Platteville has 59 more students than one year ago.

As of Sept. 21, when school districts across the state measure their third-Friday enrollments, the school district had 1,519 students, 4 percent more than the 2011–12 school year.

The count was five more than the school district estimated in early September.

Three of the school district’s four schools have enrollment increases, led by Platteville Middle School, which has 510 students, 44 more than in 2011–12. Westview Elementary School has 225 students, 27 more than last year. Neal Wilkins Early Learning Center has 346 students, 11 more than one year ago.

Platteville High School has 438 students, 23 fewer than in 2011–12.

The enrollment counts affect state per-student aid. The enrollment count also is one of the three factors affecting the school district’s tax levy. The other two, equalized aid and property valuation, will be announced by the state Monday.

The largest enrollment increases by grade were in second grade, up 23 to 123 students; four-year-old kindergarten, up 18 to 117 students; seventh grade, up 17 students to 106; sixth grade, up 11 students to 110; and fourth grade, up 11 students to 101. The largest enrollment drops by grade were ninth grade, down 12 to 104 students, and 12th grade, down 10 to 111 students.

The school district’s full-time-equivalent student count is 1,508, an increase of 55 FTE students, according to school district Business Manager Art Beaulieu. The FTE count counts four-year-old kindergarten students as 0.6 students.
The school district lost three more students to open-enrollment and gained one from open enrollment from 2011–12, Beaulieu said.

The school district saw an enrollment drop in summer school this summer, Beaulieu said, from 12 full-time-equivalent students to 10 FTE students one year ago.

The elementary school and Middle School programs had similar enrollments to one year ago, High School enrollment was “significantly down,” and summer music programs were “in pretty good shape,” Beaulieu said.