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Driftless Cookies of Boscobel rides the wave
Creative cookie trend proves popular
Driftless Cookies
GERIANNE BOHN, of Boscobel, has launched a new business focused on ‘creative cookies.’ Bohn is part of a hot new trend in the Driftless, and her cookies are works of art.

BOSCOBEL - “The sky is the limit” was how Boscobel native Gerrianne Bohn described the world of creative cookies. 

Browsing Bohn’s Instagram page for her business Driftless Cookies and you’re greeted with a generous amount of attritive cookies. 

“I used to watch a lot videos on Instagram of people making cookies,” Bohn said. “And I had done a lot of different hobbies, painting, sewing. Around Christmas last year I decided to give cookie making a go.”

Bohn went out and purchased the basics she would need to do some various holiday cookie creations. “That was one of the things that stopped me from doing it sooner was worrying it would cost a lot to get started so I just purchased a few of the basics that I needed and went form there,” Bohn explained. 

“Learning curve”

“My first attempt was not very good,” she said with a laugh. “There was a definite learning curve. I started around the holidays and I have a big family to practice with so I was able to work on some to give away. I created some paint your own cookies as gifts and had some left over so I checked with some coworkers and friends to see if they’d be interested in them and they sold out. My next big thing was Valentines day and I had a lot of time to practice in between and I was blown away by the response.” Along with her experience, Bohn’s cookie collection also grew, adding she has at least over 100 cutters currently, offering a endless variety of cookie designs.

Bohn shared that first she was a little nervous about the price point these incredible cookies run at—around $45 a dozen depending on complexity, but stuck to her worth and the Boscobel community has responded with great support. 

“I was a little leery at first because of the cost, but with the packaging and all the ingredients I didn’t want to sell myself short,” Bohn explained, adding that the cookies can take as long as week to complete depending on the depth of the details. “The response from everyone is just astounding to me. It is awesome to have such a supportive community. 

Bohn notes that if you can dream it, she can probably create it on a cookie. 

“I’ll often be walking through stores and see different patterns or things on shirts and think ‘I could turn that into a cookie!” 

The cookies themselves have also been a work in progress for The Driftless Cookier. 

“I started off with a  recipe off of a bag of sugar,” Bohn shared. “I didn’t like the taste of that one so I bought a recipe off line and then a friend gave me a recipe as well. I continued to experiment and in spring I came to a recipe I really like. The cookie itself isn’t overly sweet, it’s just right. With the royal icing the mild cookie gives it just the right balance.”

The cookies Bohn creates cover a variety of occasions. Traditional celebrations like baby showers and weddings along with thank you cookies and beautiful artful creations. 

Driftless Cookies currently is not accepting any new cookie orders until January.

“I do have some cookies paired with Timberlane Giftcards which would make a nice way to say thank you to someone in your life,” Bohn added. 

Those interested in their special moments in 2021 with cookies can contact Bohn several ways, on her Instagram @Driftlesscookies, on her Facebook, by e-mail at or by phone at 608-485-1986.