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Students have fun on summer field trip
CROP torres calfa
ALIVIA MELLEM AND THEADYN TORRES enjoy petting calves at the Hartleys dairy farm while on a field trip with the North Crawford summer program run by Sue Presser.

On Wednesday, June 15, Sue Presser, a teacher at North Crawford, took the 1st through 8th grade group of kids in her summer program on a field trip. The kids took a trip to a strawberry farm, a dairy farm and a goat cheese factory.

Their first stop was at the Hillcrest Strawberry Farm, managed by Terre. They asked questions about the process of growing strawberries and got to even take some home.

Before heading to their next stop, they went to the Soldiers Grove Park and enjoyed lunch.

The next stop was at a dairy farm. This farm is owned by Donna, Dean, and their daughter, Hillary Hartley, and is home to several cows and calves. The kids got play with calves and see exactly where the milk in their fridge comes from.

The children got to meet the dairy princess, Emily, and got both a present from one of the cows, and an ice cream treat from the generous owners of the farm.

Their third and final stop was at the goat cheese factory with the cheese maker, Bjorn. The children were taught what it takes to make goat cheese. The process is hard and takes quite a while. The children also got to take a trip to the cooler where they store the cheese.

The kids  got a look at the entire process. Their questions were answered and before leaving they got to have a sample of goat cheese. In the end, it was an exciting day that ended with us all being tired.


Trinity Torres is a seventh grader at North Crawford Middle School.