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Former Hillsboro Tiger star in toughest battle
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Back in the mid-90s, Ashley (Barnes) Kishman gained many fans and friends as a versatile athlete, playing volleyball, basketball, and softball for the Hillsboro Tigers.

As part of a well-known dairy farm family, she was also very active in the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association.

After graduation in 1997, she attended college at the University of Wisconsin- River Falls.

Those Tiger fans and friends who had cheered are now praying for her as she battles the toughest opponent of her life.

Ashley was diagnosed with breast cancer in late February and underwent surgery in early March.

Her future will include chemotherapy and radiation during the next six months.

She now lives with her husband and three children on a farm outside of Richland Center and retains the same can-do spirit that she had while competing in Tiger games.

Her longtime friends from HHS have joined together to operate a fund-raising raffle to help her in this very difficult time.

First Prize is a 15-foot Wehnonah Canoe, a $1,300 value.

Second Prize is  a private pizza party for 25 guests at the Hillsboro Brewing Company, a $300 value.

Third Prize is a gift basket from Organic Valley, a $50 value.

Tickets, priced at $10, have been distributed to folks in Hillsboro, Richland Center, Viroqua, and Ontario, and are available in Hillsboro at the Hillsboro Brewing Company and the Karaz Salon.

The drawing will be held on May 19, and the winner need not be present to win.

Please remember Ashley and her husband and children in your prayers while giving some serious thought to entering the raffle.


While returning from La Crosse on Monday afternoon, Jane and I noticed what appeared to be a drunken driver on the state highway in front of us between Kendall and Elroy, traveling about 45 miles per hour.

The car was doing some serious weaving, first crossing the centerline and then driving over the line along the shoulder, before correcting and then beginning the sequence again.

I immediately tossed out my favorite remark under those kind of circumstances: “I really wish there was an officer of the law in the vicinity at this point in time.” Well, it was something like that!

We decided to follow a little further behind and watch for an opening to pass when the car was crossing onto the shoulder as far from us as possible.

When we made our move, we were shocked to see the “drunk” was actually a young girl TEXTING while putting her life, AND OURS, in real danger.

I, of course, had heard of this new record-setting level of utter stupidity, but never actually saw it until then. Perhaps, the law should reflect the same degree of penalty for both drunk driving and brainless texting!

End of sermon, and thankfully not our lives.