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Hello Hillsboro: Badger fans still see Red over refs
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Last weekend the Badgers stomped the Minnesota Golden Gophers in Minneapolis, but the Packers could only tie the Minnesota Vikings in Green Bay. Does that mean the Badgers could also whip the Packers if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play?

That’s sort of the way college football standings are currently being figured by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) pinheads.

The Badgers are now 6-1 in their conference and 8-2 for the season, although in reality they should also have a tie game on their record and be higher in the BCS standings than the 15th place they now occupy. Incidentally, a 14th place ranking would make them eligible for a BCS bowl game.

That could still very well happen, seeing that they close out the regular season against Penn State in Madison next weekend.

No doubt, Badger fans know where I’m heading, whether or not Coach Gary Andersen likes it. After all, what’s the point of being a football fan if you’re not allowed to do a little ragging about cowardly referees who flee into the locker room rather than admit to fumbling a call?

Yes, I’m talking about the Arizona State non-conference debacle when alleged officials held the ball and let 18 seconds run off the clock without allowing a field goal attempt that could have won the game for the Badgers.

Then, to top that ignorance, they actually ran off the field and hid rather than discussing it with the coaches, or at the very least look at a replay.

Their own conference suspended them for a week, costing them one game’s pay, along with an honored spot in the football referee Hall of Shame. In addition to that, I would have sentenced them to one hour of sitting in the student section at the next game in Madison.

Being the true sportsman that he is, first-year Coach Andersen accepted the incompetent ruling and focused on the rest of what has become an outstanding regular season that will undoubtedly end with a 10-2 record.

But, consider this. Their only other loss was by one touchdown against undefeated and Number 3 ranked Ohio State in Columbus!

Hopefully, the powers that be in the BCS will take the entire shameful situation under consideration and rightfully secure a highly rated bowl game for the Big Red.

On Wisconsin!


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