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Hello Hillsboro: Sirens are waiting to be heard again
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Add to the “Signs of Spring” list the announcement that this is once again Tornado Awareness Week, as City Councilman and Emergency Preparedness Manager, Tom Hotek, reminded everyone at Monday night’s Council meeting.

Those incredibly loud sirens are scheduled to scare the pants off you Thursday afternoon if you did not read this column in advance. They will do their thing statewide from 1:45 to 2 p.m. and if it was a real warning you should find shelter, hopefully in the basement of a building.

In this case, however, just hold your ears and hope that North Korea’s child king isn’t just a few weeks late on his April Fool’s ploy.

While sitting in my basement during the annual tornado drill, I usually spend the time thinking how fortunate we all are in the dairy state, where the worst thing we have to complain about every year is snow and cold.

Even that endless torment of turning our streets and roads into ice rinks is better than what some Southern states have to deal with during the tornado season!

A couple of days ago I braved the winds to take my dog for a walk and was surprised how strong they were. I half expected to see Judy Garland flying by in a house  and decided to return home, especially since my little “Socks” looks so much like “Toto.”

I’m sure it’s easy to say this so close to May, but I’ll take Wisconsin over Kansas, or even Oz for that matter, any day.


Another good sign that Spring is in the air, even though it’s having a tough time booting Old Man Winter out, is the news that the Hillsboro Historical Society is meeting Tuesday for the first time this year and planning to start its clean up at the Museum.

As usual, the ability for everyone to take a  step back into time, will begin right after the Memorial Day Parade and Tribute at Field Veterans Memorial Lake Park.

Once again, the museum will be open to the public every Sunday afternoon during the Summer. Most folks who visit the place are pleasantly surprised at all the local history it has to offer. Hillsboro’s proud past has never looked better than it does when it speaks through priceless artifacts that have been donated by thoughtful folks for many years.


Thanks to an e-mail buddy, I have inherited a number of quick laughs that are perfect for the bottom of this space on a regular basis. It’s called “Church Ladies with Computers.” and claims the messages have actually appeared in print or been announced. Who are we to doubt it?

“Ladies, don’t forget the rummage sale. It’s a chance to get rid of all those things that are not worth keeping around the house.

“Bring your husbands.”