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Hello Hillsboro: Super commercials in a not-so-Super Bowl
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For once, it actually happened!

Both the halftime show and the commercials at the Super Bowl were far, and I mean far, better than the game itself!

The only people crying bigger crocodile tears than the Denver Broncos and their fans were the poor saps who believed their own hype and put down $4 million to telecast a commercial that ran less than a minute!

I hope some media outlet will have enough nerve to report how much the ratings dropped about three minutes into the second half. Unless, of course, many stuck around just to see the spectacular commercials.

In fact, it would be interesting if the ratings services could actually determine how many viewers were there strictly for the amazing ads that have become such a big part of football’s legendary season finale.

We did! In fact, we turned the entire game on just to see the commercials. Now, is that crazy, or what?

Of course, many of them had been “previewed” on other shows in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, just to get folks into the mood to stock up on a few more cases of Bud.

Many shows ran contests with folks being asked to “tweet” or e-mail their selection of the winning ad on the show. I’m not sure how many were actually shown, but I had seen at least half a dozen before the opening kickoff on Sunday.

The only team that had a bigger win than the Seattle Seahawks were the Budweiser Clydesdale horses who sacked the competition with the help of a little yellow lab puppy who refused to take “No” for an answer to his plea to join the iconic beer wagon-pulling team.

As usual, the Budweiser entry was totally beyond cute, and undoubtedly inspired a number of tears around the nation. It will also do wonders for the brand.

How could anyone even consider drinking something other than a cold Bud with a picture of that inspiring little puppy still fresh in mind?

The only real contender to the eventual winner was another Budweiser commercial that featured an actual soldier being welcomed back to his hometown after an overseas deployment. It also was a weeper in a happy way.

However, an air-head reporter remarked after it’s showing, “That’s a great ad, but it’s really tough to win out over puppies and ponies.”......PONIES?