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Hello Hillsboro: Vote predictions a guessing game
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I can’t believe it!

After what seems like a lifetime, the polls finally opened on Tuesday and, even more important, the predictions ended.
For weeks, every time you turned on a TV newscast or opened a newspaper you would find some “expert” that was more than happy to “report” who will control the next session of the U.S. Senate or govern your state, or perhaps even prosecute your criminals.

Don’t you just love those huge boards with states that light up and magically tell you who is going to win Alaska, even though that state won’t be able to report all the rural votes for about two weeks?

Are we supposed to believe that the land of Sarah Palin doesn’t have internet connections? No texting,  or tweeting, or even tooting?

Not even telephone communications?

Oh, well. We’ll all know who runs this country sometime about next Sunday!

And that doesn’t even take into consideration, the “under 50% nightmare.” That obstruction calls for a runoff between the top two contenders (usually out of three) if nobody manages to fool a majority of voters.

That extra balloting effort can take weeks. Some “winners” could be announced in December–or January.

Are we sure that this is what our Founders had in mind when they decided the election rules?
Thankfully, the state scene is a lot more easy to decipher…You either like Walker or you don’t!

I stopped in City Hall to vote just before noon to beat the lunch crowd. There were about four voters there. However, the poll judges told me there was a long line early in the morning.

I’ll bet those lines will return about 4 p.m.

No doubt, the school referendum played a big role in the seemingly increased voting. For many people, that is the toughest choice to make this year.

Although the School Board and administration held public forums and did a tremendous job of explaining the financial details, most regular folks find it all too confusing to make a decision.

 For many of them, it’s going to come down to thoughts that are connected to the bottom line in more ways than one …such as, how many children and grandchildren do we have in school? Some people will even count nieces and nephews!

That’s, no doubt, a simplistic way to make a decision, but what’s wrong with balancing your finances with the importance of a good education for your loved ones?

Frankly, that school referendum actually means as much or more to local folks as the “bigger picture” of who can lead the next round of nonsense in Washington!

Well, enough political rehashing for me, I have to grab a bite to eat before settling down in front of my TV.

In fact, there is little time to waste. Some polls across the country are already closing, and the vote tabulation in Anchorage will be available in about a week!