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Hello Hillsboro: Will snowshoes replace baseball spikes?
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Holy cow, there actually is finally going to be a Spring Sports season for Hillsboro High School students who compete in baseball, softball, and track!

Many fans were beginning to fear that the school might have to quickly throw together boys and girls hockey teams in order to present some kind of athletic program in the closing weeks of the school year.

In northern Wisconsin, I recall the small towns used to compete in “snowshoe baseball” tournaments throughout the Winter. It was similar to our former softball competition at Firemen’s Park in the Summer.

I will always remember getting a laugh out of Sentry-Enterprise sports writer Steve Stanek referring to that as the “beer league!”

I doubt if there was much beer drinking in Minoqua during snowshoe baseball games, since it’s hard enough to walk in those things, much less run out a ground ball after soaking up some suds.

I guess everything runs its course, and, like Hillsboro, I doubt if they still have that special kind of softball league.

This is being written on the last day of April, and the television weather forecaster just mentioned some snow is likely in the La Crosse area later this week. Give me a break! That would mean snow in May. Well, June is coming up fast!

I can remember more than once missing a Chicago Cubs home opener because it was postponed by of a Spring snow storm. But that was April, which arrives a number of weeks before May, which arrives tomorrow!

Well, both the boys and girls teams are scheduled to play in Elroy on May 2. You will, hopefully, not need any snowshoes for the games, but you might want to get your boots back out of the closet!


That new Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital and Clinics logo sort of puts an exclamation mark on an idea that has been percolating in town for years.

When it was just beginning the “talking stages” long ago, many folks thought of it as somewhat of a pipe dream. It seemed almost too good of an idea to actually become a reality.

And, the concept  took years of talking and analyzing before moving from an idea to a plan, to a possibility, to a fact. And, now it’s here....and it is most certainly a major improvement to Hillsboro and the surrounding area.

 In addition to the safe feeling of having our hospital firmly linked to Gundersen, that new logo really adds to the local pride that all Hillsboro citizens feel.


Two of those wonderful church bulletin notices we’ve been featuring could almost be attached in the same message:

“The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment, and gracious hostility.”

“Potluck Supper at 5 p.m.  Prayer and medication to follow.”

By the way, although real, none of the messages are local, in case you might be wondering!