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Washington Journal: Congressional candidate touts arrest
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Myron Buchholz, Democratic challenger to U.s. Rep. Ron Kind (D–La Crosse), was arrested April 16 as part of the Democracy Spring protests, held to bring attention to the legalized corruption of big money in politics.

Buchholz is a strong advocate of real campaign finance reform and wanted to join the thousands of people demanding not only the overturning of Citizens United, but also the passing of the Fair Elections Act, creating public financing for Senate candidates and the Voter Empowerment Act, making voter registration easier, as well as an update to the Voting Rights Act, which would restore provisions of the law struck down by the Supreme Court in 2013.

“Before I was arrested on April 16th along with 200 people for refusing to leave the capitol steps during the Democracy Spring uprising the crowd chanted, ‘Whose House? Our House,’” said Buchholz in a news release announcing his arrest. “It turns out we were wrong for the time being. Presently the House is owned by a few corporations and wealthy people and it will stay that way until our present system is brought under control. As a candidate, frequently the first question I am asked is, ‘How much money do you have.’ That explains much about the makeup of our present Congress. It is not about positions on major issues, it is all about the money and that is wrong.“

Buchholz is running for the Democratic nomination in the Third Congressional District. Kind has held the seat since 1997.

Buchholz’s arrest video can be seen at