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An open letter to all 2012 Presidential Candidates
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Dear Candidate,

As you know, the citizens of this country are fed up with Politicians.

Why is that?  It is because we have been manipulated, lied to, and victimized by the incompetence and lack of integrity of many of those we have elected. We aren’t just a little disappointed. We are thoroughly disgusted. Yes, disgusted. The way our system is working is totally disgusting.

It is time for “real” change and “real” accountability. I am asking you to address the lack of integrity and incompetence that we find in so many of our elected and appointed officials. We have too many who have no idea how to lead or manage the issues that face our states and our nation. We know that rhetoric and scholastic achievements don’t make a leader or a manager.

Of course, if you know that you don’t have the integrity or competence to do the job, I won’t expect you to do this. However, if you are convinced that you have the integrity, competence and “patriotic intentions” to be the President of The United States, I believe you then have the obligation to throw political correctness to the wind and do what is right. You have the obligation to raise this as a very specific and well-defined issue. 

You may think this is what campaigning has always been about. Well, we know that the ability to give a speech and list your credentials does not necessarily compute to being competent and capable of doing the job or of having the integrity to live up to the standards that the candidate has espoused. We don’t ever again want incompetent or dishonest men and women chairing congressional committees. We don’t every again want a government where one party is shut out of any legislative debate. We don’t ever again want legislators fleeing their responsibility. We don’t ever again want a government where officials voting in favor of legislation have no idea what they are voting for. We don’t ever again want any laws, rules, regulations and spending being buried in major legislation. The disgusting list can go on and on.

Now I ask you to deal with it!


-Jerry Johnson