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Farewell Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital
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Prairie du Chien


The health care community of Prairie du Chien has been going through significant changes over the past year that are considered by many, including myself, not for the better.

Gone is the ‘local’ small town hospital known as Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital. It has now been replaced by a health care facility called Crossing Rivers Health. It seems like such a shame to lose that ‘Big enough to help you, small enough to care’ motto in our community.

Gone is the ability to have your local Gundersen or Mayo Health Care provider follow your care while in the hospital. Gone are many of the familiar and trusted health care professionals that over the years have made the hospital a place for excellent care by virtue of their dedication and expertise. Big corporate medicine in our small community remains.

As an individual, you have the right to choose where to receive your health care. For myself and my family, I will drive north, south, east or west should I need hospitalization or any major testing. I hope that Gundersen or Mayo Health are waiting in the wings and will pick up the pieces some day.

Lastly, a BIG thank you and farewell to all the former employees and donators who made Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital one of the best in the hearts of the Prairie du Chien community for over 50 years!

      - William P. Mezera